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Bold Steps with Dr Mark Jobe

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Daily Teaching from Dr. Mark Jobe


September 29, 2023

Real Transformation - Part 2

Are you leaning into the God-given power already inside you?  Or searching for strength somewhere else? That’s the topic today on Bold Steps … Today, we’re continuing a lesson about the power and promises we’ve been given by God … and it’s sad but true that so many Christians today are trying to solve their problems by changing what’s around them … rather than tapping into what’s already inside of them. Some Christians are wasting their time trying every ‘self-help’ trick in the book but … real change is only found in the presence and power of God.

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September 28, 2023

Real Transformation - Part 1

Today on Bold Steps, Pastor Mark Jobe helps us tap into the spiritual strength that every Christian has been given, but perhaps been overlooking. In today’s self-help culture, we’re hooked on the idea of self-betterment and doing all we can to improve ourselves.  And that may be fine and good, but you’re going to remind us that, spiritually, if we are believers and have the Holy Spirit, then we already have God’s DIVINE POWER inside of us to start living for God RIGHT NOW. It’s a matter of accessing this power that you ALREADY HAVE in Christ to start to live for Him.  We’re going to talk about what this POWER is and then get into the PROMISES that come with it.

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September 27, 2023

My Next Big Step - Part 2

Are you actually growing in your spiritual life, or have things gotten a little stagnant?  We’re coming to terms with our spiritual maturity, today on Bold Steps. As with anything in life, spiritual growth doesn’t just happen overnight … and it isn’t something we can hope will just happen to us.  It takes time, effort, and commitment.  Mark is giving us some very helpful pointers on what spiritual maturity looks like, and what we need to do in order to attain it. Picking up with his second point on learning to teach and minister to others, grab your bible and join Mark for this lesson on spiritual growth.

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September 26, 2023

My Next Big Step - Part 1

Today on Bold Steps … Pastor Mark Jobe begins a lesson about how to take your next step … with God. Getting directions used to be a bit of chore … but nowadays, we have our own personal GPS built right into our phones.  No matter where we’re trying to go, we get real-time directions and updates on traffic or detours.  Perhaps you’ve tried this, but one of the fun things you can do is customize the voice of your directions.  Some apps have “celebrity voice packs” featuring ... Mr. T, Darth Vader, Elvis and many more … and who knows, maybe we’ll see a Mark Jobe option?Wouldn’t it be great to have a GPS for our spiritual life? Just plug in the instructions and there would be a voice saying, take this path, listen to THIS voice, read THIS scripture now ... a guidance system to help you get to the next level.  We may not have an electronic device for this, but we DO have the Holy Spirit. Our study today is in Hebrews 5 is all about THE NEXT BIG STEP.


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September 25, 2023

What’s The Cost? - Part 2

Today on Bold Steps … Pastor Mark Jobe has an urgent message for Christians about the true costs of following Jesus. It’s sad but true that many people today fall into the lie that being a Christian is supposed to be an easy road.  And while it is true that nothing brings more fulfilment and joy than being in the presence of God … following Christ does come with certain costs.  And to help us get a clear understanding of what those costs are, and how they fit into the bigger picture, Mark is continuing a lesson from the book of Matthew chapter 10.

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Dr. Mark Jobe

Mark Jobe serves as president of Moody Bible Institute and host of Moody Radio's Bold Steps. He is the author of Unstuck: Out of Your Cave into Your Call (Moody Publishers). He is also the founding pastor of New Life Community Church, a Chicago-based ministry with 27 locations throughout Chicago. Mark earned a diploma from Moody in 1984, a master’s degree from Moody Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in transformational leadership from Bakke Graduate University. He and his wife, Dee, have three adult children.

Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe

Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe

Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe takes you on the path to freedom and authenticity in Christ. With candid, topical teaching from God’s Word, Dr. Jobe offers simple gospel messages with the power to transform your life.