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Stories and testimoniales of Bold Moments of Faith

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“A bold step to take, a cycle to break, a legacy to make.” - Mark Jobe


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When I was younger, I used to be suicidal. I almost did it, but God intervened and removed that desire to take my life. However, and this speaks to how the enemy works, because I had a relationship with Jesus, I felt a personal betrayal that I could not reconcile, for look at what I almost did. How could I do such a thing if I was a Christian?

Half a lifetime later, and while seeking answers by listening to Biblically sound programs on Moody Radio, I was finally able to reconcile that unforgiveness to myself, primarily through the Book of Romans. Just a few days later, the Holy Spirit stirred my heart to share my experience with a 16-year-old volunteer at church. That was the BOLD moment that changed everything. I walked over, introduced myself and said that I used to be suicidal, and that I finally reconciled with God, and for some reason, I felt like God wanted me to share that with him. He smiled, saying "Thanks for sharing. Have a good day." I remember walking away, arguing with God on why He wanted me to share my deepest, darkest wounds with a complete stranger? Just then, that young man came after me and said, "wait, don't go, I've been there... I AM THERE."

I panicked and didn’t feel equipped to handle this, but God was. I remembered all that He had poured into me through His Word, His Church and His Community, including radio programs like Bold Steps. Things poured out of me that I didn't even know were there. After tears and prayers, that young man decided to seek additional help. I only found out one week later what had happened. You see, that young man was going to hang himself that Sunday morning. But he bargained with God: "I'll go to church one last time. Unless someone comes up to me and mentions suicide, I know that You don't care, and I am going to come back home to finish it." My friends, he was on his way back home to hang himself when God sent me. Boldly listening to the Holy Spirit's Leanings on my heart, I shared my deepest wounds, unbelievably uncomfortable.

After mentioning suicide, after all of the tears, prayers and God's grace in that moment, a life was saved. A Bold Leap of Faith, but I was not alone. God was with me and He caught both of us firmly in His Loving Arms. THAT is what a BOLD STEP CAN DO.


I recently started a men’s ministry in our church & community. After live-streaming the Walk Worthy Men’s Conference. I invited the men in our congregation & many non church going friends to view conference. With all of the positive feedback & interest I felt delightfully compelled to fill the void & need for just such a ministry. We’re in our 4th month of our study of “Kingdom Men Rising” with Dr. Tony Evans I’m like so many in the Bible, the least likely instrument that Gad has chosen for the advancement of His Kingdom. Have a great day God bless


After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and having surgery, a member of the hospital pastoral team brought me the book 'JESUS CALLING, enjoying peace in His presence'. I read it daily, and it has brought me so much peace and hope. I wanted to find a way for me to share His word, and found this to be a great avenue for me to do so (as I am not well versed in the bible), I now give it as a gift for various occasions, hoping to bring peace and joy to those in need, and spread the word of our Lord.


When I was a young man I had to make the tough decision to separate from one of my closest friends. I had the realization that he was not following God and was causing a stumbling block in my life of following Christ. We had both attended a Christian school. I was blind to the fact that this friend was bad for me. It took the outside influence of the woman that would later become my wife to show me that this friend was not right for my walk with Christ. Now, roughly 15 years later, I am the head Deacon at my church and have been married for 13 years with 4 beautiful daughters. Had I not separated from this "friend", my life would have been completely different.


I have always had a pretty good life, but in my early 40's, a lot of things started happening (mid-life) and I started drinking first to sleep, then to numb and then to die. I had no idea that I was running away from fear. I just knew I was sad and could not sleep.

Thankfully, God did not let me die when I sincerely wanted to. Because I drank at home (so no one could see what I was doing), I felt like God was saying "you need to leave the four walls." I didn't know what that meant at the time but after losing my apartment and both of my jobs in the same 6-week period, I finally surrendered to him.

Since then, I’ve been studying why fear can paralyze us and was drawn to 2 Tim 1:7 that speaks of the power, love and sound mind promised to us in Christ. I’ve taken a bold step by starting to write a book on fear from all that I’ve learned to live victoriously. Thank you for what you do and the holy boldness you are inspiring!


This past weekend, I was baptized, which was a bold step for me, as I have only been going to church since January. I also joined a small group, and I am going to be a volunteer and help serve at my church. I also just finished your book “Unstuck” which is a bold step for me because I don’t read books. I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Pastor, for being such an inspiration and helping me on my journey.

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