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February 25, 2018

The Hall of Presidents - William H. Houghton

Moody Presents continues our Hall of Presidents series which is a legacy look at the leaders that shaped the teaching of God’s Word at the Moody Bible Institute through the years.  William H. Houghton was the 4th president of MBI and in this amazing recording from the very early 1940’s you’ll hear the evangelistic heart of a man devoted to following Jesus and sharing that message with the students at Moody.

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Jon Gauger

Jon Gauger has been with Moody Radio nearly three decades and works with special projects. In addition to being the announcer Moody Presents, Jon is hosting and producing The Land and the Book. He writes and produces a weekly commentary, creates special documentaries, and has traveled to 30 countries covering stories for Moody Radio, or doing training work with international broadcasting partners. Jon is married to Diana, and they have two grown children-all of whom are Moody graduates. An avid photographer, videographer and reader, Jon also enjoys camping and freelance voice-over work, including audiobook projects.

Moody Presents

Moody Presents is a weekly half-hour teaching program hosted by Jon Gauger. In addition to teaching from God's Word, this Sunday program regularly features music by the four student ensembles of Moody Bible Institute, along with student and alumni testimonies.