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Today's Single Christian


January 23, 2020


Our biggest temptation is the temptation to settle for what will make me happy now instead of striving for what will satisfy me forever.

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January 22, 2020

Who Do You Trust?

Do you tend to judge God by your difficult circumstances, or are you hanging on to His goodness for dear life? It's easy to judge God by what we see rather than by what we know about Him, but fatal.

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January 21, 2020

Secret About Singleness

If there is one principle that I’ve learned it’s this: singleness is not a season to get through, but a place you’re meant to thrive.

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January 20, 2020

Power for Today

No matter how hard you try today, you won’t find the victory and strength that you long for until you stop long enough to realize that the power of the Christian is the presence of the Lord.

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January 17, 2020

Not An Eyore

Do you tend to assume the worst about God or the truth about Him? God is good. His love is steadfast. His plans are perfect. His timing is impeccable. When He calls your name, it’s because he loves me, not because you're in trouble.

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January 16, 2020

Forgiveness and Faith

While forgiveness is hard, it’s a sign that you believe God’s plans for your life. While forgiveness feels like you’re letting someone off the hook, it’s an acknowledgement that God is still in control, and that His ways are indeed best.

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January 15, 2020

Dealing with Rejection

Here’s what I’ve learned from rejection: we must never confuse rejection by men with rejection by God. Men may reject us, they rejected our savior after all, but our Father will never turn his back on us.

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January 14, 2020

What You Value Most

A look at your life will reveal what you value most in the world. Do you value God’s presence more than anything else in the world? If so, does your life reflect it?

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January 13, 2020

Fool Me Once

What if instead of keeping people at bay, we chose to love them instead? God’s Word shows us that we don’t have to give up on people just because we’ve been hurt by people.

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January 10, 2020

Dear Problem

Problems are just obstacles used by God to change us into his likeness and remind us of how strong he is, strong enough to help us overcome our problems. Yeah, our God is bigger than our problems. He’s not daunted by the things that scare us.

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January 09, 2020

How I've Made It So Far

Some people wonder how I’ve made it so far... the road has been hard at times, and the disappointments abundant. I often wonder how I’ve made it this far. The answer is simple. Jesus is the only reason I’ve made it this far. His love saved me. His grace sustains me. His power protects me. And his word guides me. Do you know this Jesus?

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January 08, 2020

God and Culture

Are you living set apart in a culture that does not believe in God? Or are you confusing the lines between God and culture? Being separated from the world has less to do with being weird and sticking out, though sometimes we will, and more to do with being lights in the darkness.

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January 07, 2020

Results Oriented Crisis

When I don’t see any obvious results for my work, I start to wonder about God. Does he not care that I’m working so hard? Yet God ‘s pattern is different. He sometimes keeps away encouraging results in order that we learn to trust him without them.

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January 06, 2020

Straining and Striving

Over time all the straining and striving doesn’t accomplish the work God gives us to do. Only God himself can do the work through us. God's power in us is the fuel that not only gives us the will but the power to do what he has called us to do.

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January 03, 2020

Hope That Changes Me

Hope is a confident expectation of a guaranteed result that changes the way I live.” how is hope changing your life today?

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Lina AbuJamra

Lina AbuJamra, a pediatric emergency room doctor by profession, is passionate about empowering people with biblical truth. A popular Bible teacher, blogger, and conference speaker, she speaks four languages and is the author of three books. She also reaches English and Arabic listeners through weekly podcasts. Born in Lebanon, Lina is single and calls Chicago home.
Today's Single Christian

Today's Single Christian

With singles now making up more than half the U.S. adult population, Today’s Single Christian delivers a daily shot of spiritual encouragement to Moody Radio listeners. Lina AbuJamra draws on her love of God’s Word and experience as a single to inspire and guide singles to pursue a fulfilling Christian life right now.