Quarterly Issues Reports

Quarterly Issues Reports, in PDF and Excel format, are posted for the 4th quarter (October, November, December) of 2017. 

Best of In the Market with Janet Parshall
4th Quarter Excel |  PDF

Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman
4th Quarter Excel | PDF

Chris Fabry Live
4th Quarter Excel | PDF

Equipped With Chris Brooks
4th Quarter Excel | PDF

In the Market with Janet Parshall 
4th Quarter Excel | PDF

Up for Debate with Julie Roys
4th Quarter Excel | PDF

SoundExchange Reports

Stations wishing to utilize Moody Radio data should plan to record and preserve local music data for the same SoundExchange Reports Schedule used by Moody Radio. Download Formatting Data Instructions, which were revised November, 2017 for Moody Radio (Moody-1). Remember that SoundExchange now requires that stations submit their reports by uploading their data files via SoundExchange’s Licensee Direct. For more information affiliates should connect with SoundExchange or visit www.soundexchange.com.

2017 4th Quarter Moody-1 Music Data

4th Quarter 2017 Music Data was recorded November 06–19, 2017 and 4th Quarter Reports are due Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

1st Quarter 2018 Music Data will be recorded February 05-18, 2018 and 1st Quarter Reports will be due Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

 Forms can be downloaded from soundexchange.com.