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Sticks and Stones

The aisle of an airplane. The stewardess approaches while out of focus.


”The way you handle your words is the top measure of your maturity.”

—Mark Jobe


We’re all protective about our space. The older I get, the less I like to travel because of the shrinking personal space on airplanes. In fact, experts say that airline seats have shrunk to as little as 16 inches wide in the past 30 years!

When it comes to relationships, we often apply that same notion of wanting our space. Sometimes we let people into our space very readily, but other times we push people away to avoid relational intimacy because of past issues. As a pastor, I’ve counseled people who are still trying to get over relationship problems involving words that took place decades ago!

Words are formidable. They have the power to bring life or death. They can build someone up or tear them down. The writer of the book of James puts it this way: “Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark” (James 3:5). In other words, the tongue has the power to incite hatred, start wars, and tear apart relationships more than any other weapon on the planet.

You may think that what you say doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of life. But let me remind you that we all will be held accountable for the words we speak because they have such a great impact on others (Matthew 12:36–37). Consider the fact that what you are full of will eventually spill out, meaning whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth at some point. Ultimately, the way you handle your words is the top measure of your maturity as a Christian.

If you’re ready to become a more spiritually mature person, don’t miss this important word for you at the link below.

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Ministry Update from Mark

Last month, Dee and I celebrated 37 years of marriage! Today, I want to pause and thank God for the blessing Dee has been in my life and countless others. She’s an amazing wife, mom, grandma, and friend to many. Dee helps me stop, laugh, and enjoy life more than anyone else. Truly, she is a woman of virtue, strength, faith, and beauty. I still do, Dee Jobe!


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Dr. Mark Jobe

Mark Jobe serves as president of Moody Bible Institute and host of Moody Radio's Bold Steps. He is the author of Unstuck: Out of Your Cave into Your Call (Moody Publishers). He is also the founding pastor of New Life Community Church, a Chicago-based ministry with 27 locations throughout Chicago. Mark earned a diploma from Moody in 1984, a master’s degree from Moody Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in transformational leadership from Bakke Graduate University. He and his wife, Dee, have three adult children.

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Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe

Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe takes you on the path to freedom and authenticity in Christ. With candid, topical teaching from God’s Word, Dr. Jobe offers simple gospel messages with the power to transform your life.