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Season 3 - Becoming Well Podcast


Episode 1

Mental Health Resolutions

Are YOU planning on making resolutions for 2022? Maybe getting in shape? Eating healthy? We often make resolutions for our physical health, but what about our mental health? Is making resolutions even healthy? Helpful? Sustainable? Join Dr. Mary Hendrickson and Dr. Deb Gorton for the first episode of SEASON THREE of Becoming Well where we discuss the psychological and emotional implications of resolutions for 2022 and beyond!

Episode 2

Comforting the Shaken

Episode 3

The Church's Hidden Sin

Who we are: Mental health professionals, fueled by faith, who believe in the transformative impact of the Gospel on mental health and wellness of an individual as well as on their spiritual health and well-being.

Episode 4

What About My Relationship Status? with Dr. Valencia Wiggins

Today we are joined by Dr. Valencia Wiggins to talk about love in many forms -- the love in marriage, love in singleness, and how the love of God does not discriminate toward one or the other. We address topics like loneliness, freedom, and how relationships of all kinds can highlight the love of God and His kingdom. This episode is designed for everyone - no matter what your relationship status! 

Episode 5

Flaming Arrows or Intrusive Thoughts

Spiritual Warfare or Mental Illness? Or both? These are two complex, controversial topics in both Christian and secular spheres. There are so many questions surrounding these themes: How should  Christians view the reality of Spiritual Warfare in tandem with mental illness? Could “flaming darts of the evil one” also be called “intrusive thoughts?" What is the posture for a believer in putting on the whole armor of God in connection to their mental health? Can a spiritual attack look or feel like or BE an issue with mental health? How does prayer play a role in this? 

There is so much to decipher! Join us this week as Deb and Mary dive into Ephesians 6 in discerning how Spiritual Warfare and Mental Illness play a role in the life of the body of Christ. 

Episode 6

Who are Deb and Mary?

You love them, we love them, but WHO ARE THEY? In this episode of the Becoming Well podcast, we flip the script and allow Deb and Mary to provide wisdom from their own personal experiences. This episode is fun, vulnerable, and provides a closer look into our two hosts and their own lives!

Episode 7

Women In Leadership

The presence of women in leadership is a hot topic in political, religious, and social spheres all over the global West. But what about the mental health of those women? Join Deb and Mary for this brand new episode of Becoming Well where we dive deep into some of the mental health implications of being a woman in leadership. 

Episode 8

Observing Diagnoses

The word “diagnosis” holds a lot of weight for many people. But how does one receive a diagnosis? Why are diagnoses controversial? Join Deb and Mary for a discussion that answers these questions.

Episode 9

Mental Health and Motherhood

Any mom will tell you that there are unique triumphs and joys that come along with motherhood. Are there also certain struggles that come with the triumphs? Some struggles that unite moms and their mental health? Join us for today’s episode to hear more, and Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!

Episode 10

Family Mystery with Guest Brian Dahlen

Our families are incredibly instrumental in our formation. Simultaneously, a lot of family dynamics can be very complex. Join Deb, Mary, and special guest, Brian Dahlen as they discuss a 5 year journey towards familial reconciliation and forgiveness.

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Dr. Deb Gorton

Dr. Deb Gorton directs the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Moody Theological Seminary, as well as the MTS Counseling Center. Author of Embracing Uncomfortable (Moody Publishers), she also serves as the Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage, Family Ministry, and Counseling of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Dr. Gorton works as a change agent for individuals, organizations, and emerging leaders, helping them refine and embrace their purpose. She earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology.


Dr. Mary Hendrickson

Dr. Mary Hendrickson is Associate Professor of Human Services at MBI, a licensed professional counselor and founder of ‘And Still I Rize Ministries.’ She holds a Doctor of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, MFT. She is also a speaker, blogger, and spoken word artist. She has been married to her husband Craig Hendrickson for over 20 years and they have a beautiful daughter named Amaya.

Becoming Well

Becoming Well

Becoming Well helps anyone who wants to change—your relationships, your emotions, your faith in God. Join Dr. Deb Gorton and Dr. Mary Hendrickson for honest conversations, interviews, and personal stories from people just like you. Discover how the truth of God’s Word intersects with your mental health and well-being.