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Season 2 - Becoming Well Podcast


Episode 1

What is Your Message?

A shooting in Atlanta. A kidnapping in London. Nothing seems so be effective in preventing this type of hate from reoccuring. What is at the heart of a healthy response. Today we're focusing on the importance of a cultural message on our mental health and want to help you learn what actually is a message and why it's important to know what messages you impart.

Episode 2

Counselling Cancel Culture

I don't like you, you're cancelled! Cancel culture has invaded every aspect of our culture today reaching into our homes and our minds. The fear of being cancelled can influence what we think and do as well as how we treat others. But is cancel culture as beneficial as some believe or could it be that cancelling someone can have more detrimental effects than we can imagine.

Join us this episode for a needed discussion on the cancel culture and learn what counselling Mary and Deb have to offer on these issues.

Episode 3

The Onion Principle

Have you listened today? Truly? Were you listening to hear? Or only listening to respond? Today, Deb and Mary are going to dive into how to relearn the lost art of listening and will help us understand how listening, similar to ogres, is like an onion: it has many many layers.

Find us at or on our social media pages. Just search for Becoming Well Podcast.

Episode 4

Peace Amongst Chaos

After a long day of work, some peace at home sounds lovely. But then your sibling calls, your pet needs taking care of, some other driver almost hits you on the road. All of a sudden, your peace is shattered. But is that truly peace? Today, join us as we explore what true peace means in a day to day atmosphere and how you can find true peace in your life. 

Episode 5

Family Boundaries

Would you say you feel comfortable saying no to your family members when they ask for something? Why is it that we have the hardest time holding boundaries with the ones who are closest to us? Today, Deb and Mary dive into the not only how to hold boundaries with family members as well as why it's so crucial and beneficial to both parties to do so.

Episode 6

Post Pandemic Serenity

We're slowly climbing out of a year surrounded by worldwide chaos. A pandemic, riots, elections. After minimal human contact for so long, it can feel overwhelming to walk into a coffee shop and order a drink or even to have more than a zoom call with our families. Where is a balance to be found as we begin to return to a state of pre-pandemic normality? How can we take what we've learned in the past 14 months to establish a peaceful mentality? Join Mary and Deb on this episode of Becoming Well as we explore just that and learn what you can do to practice good habits in the building of peace in your minds and in your lives.

Episode 7

Questions About Therapy?

Let's talk about therapy. Who needs a therapist? What even IS therapy and why is it so beneficial for everyone? Therapy has been given so many purposes over the years, and today Deb and Mary are breaking down what therapy truly is, why it's so vitally important, and why YOU need therapy. Find us online at or on Instagram and Facebook at Becoming Well Podcast

Episode 8

The Toxic Family

Abuse isn't just physical. It is well known that emotional and mental abuse is prevalent everywhere, from the workplace to our own homes. Yet, it can be so much more difficult to find healing and a path towards moving forward when those hurting us are our own family members. What do you say when your mother gaslights you? How do you heal after having an emotionally distant and uncaring father? On today's episode of Becoming Well, Deb and Mary will dive into that topic with a VERY special guest! The OG Dr. Gorton!!! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at Becoming Well Podcast and check out our website at

Episode 9

The Fight for Healing

I need this done yesterday. You're expected to attend all family dinners and events. NOW NOW NOW! How many of us have been caught up in the culture of now that we're living in? Where there's little room for error and even less room for self healing? How do we even set aside and promote good healing habits in our lives and how do we support those looking for healing in their lives? Join Deb and Mary today in our final episode of season 2 as we delve into what it means to create space for healing in our lives.

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Dr. Deb Gorton

Dr. Deb Gorton directs the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Moody Theological Seminary, as well as the MTS Counseling Center. Author of Embracing Uncomfortable (Moody Publishers), she also serves as the Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage, Family Ministry, and Counseling of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Dr. Gorton works as a change agent for individuals, organizations, and emerging leaders, helping them refine and embrace their purpose. She earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology.


Dr. Mary Hendrickson

Dr. Mary Hendrickson is Associate Professor of Human Services at MBI, a licensed professional counselor and founder of ‘And Still I Rize Ministries.’ She holds a Doctor of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, MFT. She is also a speaker, blogger, and spoken word artist. She has been married to her husband Craig Hendrickson for over 20 years and they have a beautiful daughter named Amaya.

Becoming Well

Becoming Well

Becoming Well helps anyone who wants to change—your relationships, your emotions, your faith in God. Join Dr. Deb Gorton and Dr. Mary Hendrickson for honest conversations, interviews, and personal stories from people just like you. Discover how the truth of God’s Word intersects with your mental health and well-being.