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Season 1 - Becoming Well Podcast


Episode 1

Faith and Mental Health: An Introduction

Who we are: Mental health professionals, fueled by faith, who believe in the transformative impact of the Gospel on mental health and wellness of an individual as well as on their spiritual health and well-being.

Episode 2

Faith and Mental Health: First Contact

What were your first encounters with mental health? What were your first experiences with mental health issues in the church? Did your pastor or your small group talk about it? How did they handle it? Today we'll look deeper into how the church needs to view and approach this topic.

Episode 3

Faith, Mental Health, and Jesus

Who we are: Mental health professionals, fueled by faith, who believe in the transformative impact of the Gospel on mental health and wellness of an individual as well as on their spiritual health and well-being.

Episode 4

Faith and Mental Health: What is Therapy?

What was therapy like for you? How did your faith play out in therapy? Did you therapist include faith in counseling? Was your therapist a Christian? 

Episode 5

Disruptive Times: A Conversation on Racism and Injustice

There is a lot happening right now. Pandemics, heightened awareness of police brutality, and race riots to name a few. To truly address these issues, we are joined by Craig and Ernest, hosts of the Just Gospel Podcast to discuss and learn how Biblical justice and mental health go hand in hand in addressing the violence and racism that exists in our world every day.

Episode 6

Cultural Implications of Faith and Mental Health

We've seen mental health become a widely discussed topic over the last few years, however it's difficult to understand how faith, culture and mental health intersect. Join us today to learn more about how these three topics go hand in hand.

Episode 7

Effects of Isolation on Mental Health

STAY AT HOME! Don't go outside! These are the messages we are hearing every day during the midst of the global pandemic, but what effect does this have on our minds and our mental health? What is the lasting effect this isolation will have on our bodies and minds? Let's dive into that today.

Episode 8

Is Facebook Worth It?

It's odd to meet someone who does not have a Facebook account or some other type of social media. Yet, with the increased accessibility to the internet and social media in particular, the pressures of media platforms seems to only be increasing. What is the actual effect of social media on our brains? How should we approach this new form of digital media? Let's talk about that today.

Episode 9

A Looter's Mentality

Looting is never condoned. Yet, the movement that is used to justify the actions of those looting still carries a genuine cry for help. How can Christians, especially white Christians, stand up and respond to the cries echoing throughout America and the world today. Join us today as we dig deep into just that on Becoming Well.

Episode 10

Therapy Works, Do You?

"You need therapy." "You need help." Phrases like those get thrown around, yet, as life happens, therapy can be put on a back burner. So when do you start therapy? Is it only for younger minds? Can therapy be effective for adults as well? Join Deb and Mary today as they take an honest and personal look into the effectiveness and purpose of therapy, no matter what stage of life you're in. 

Episode 11

5 Post Election Self Care Tips

Here we are. The election is over. For some people it was the hoped for outcome and for others, it wasn't. For some minds, the stress is over and for others the stress is just beginning. But how exactly do we prioritize our mental health when we evaluate our lives following a big election? What should our focus be in order that we can stay sane in the chaos that surrounds political happenings? Join Deb and Mary today as we discuss Mary's 5 Self Care Tips as we focus on staying sane while amidst a political whirlwind.

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Dr. Deb Gorton

Dr. Deb Gorton directs the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Moody Theological Seminary, as well as the MTS Counseling Center. Author of Embracing Uncomfortable (Moody Publishers), she also serves as the Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage, Family Ministry, and Counseling of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Dr. Gorton works as a change agent for individuals, organizations, and emerging leaders, helping them refine and embrace their purpose. She earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology.


Dr. Mary Hendrickson

Dr. Mary Hendrickson is Associate Professor of Human Services at MBI, a licensed professional counselor and founder of ‘And Still I Rize Ministries.’ She holds a Doctor of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, MFT. She is also a speaker, blogger, and spoken word artist. She has been married to her husband Craig Hendrickson for 21 years and they have a beautiful 16-year-old daughter named Amaya.

Becoming Well

Becoming Well

Becoming Well helps anyone who wants to change—your relationships, your emotions, your faith in God. Join Dr. Deb Gorton and Dr. Mary Hendrickson for honest conversations, interviews, and personal stories from people just like you. Discover how the truth of God’s Word intersects with your mental health and well-being.