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A Tale of Two Kings

What kind of leader are you?

Three students sitting at the back of a classroom


”We are all leading someone—base your leadership on humility and faith. ”

—Mark Jobe


“The Lord has done what he predicted through me (Samuel). The Lord has torn the kingdom out of your hands (Saul) and given it to one of your neighbors- to David. Because you did not obey the Lord…”
I Samuel 28: 17-18a

We’re a culture that’s obsessed with books on leadership. Amazon currently offers 57,136 books with the word “leadership” in the title, but in a recent study, only 35% of employees felt inspired by their boss. Clearly, there’s a disconnect between the number of books being written and how bosses are actually leading their people. One would have to consider that with all the great leadership advice available at our fingertips, why are so many bosses ineffective leaders?

Leadership was also fundamental in biblical history. Two contrasting examples of leadership styles that offer valuable lessons for today’s leaders are David and Saul. If you’re a seasoned leader or aspiring to be one, there are timeless insights you can glean from the lives of these two men.

David represented a leadership that was characterized by humility, courage, and a dependence on God. Despite his shortcomings, he was marked by his heartfelt repentance, a reconnaissance of his failures, and a determination to improve (Psalm 51). Ultimately, David would become a revered king of Israel who remained faithful to his people and to God, leading with an empathetic nature that inspired those around him.

Conversely, Saul, the first king of Israel, demonstrated a leadership style that was primarily driven by fear, selfishness, and pride. Though he was initially humble and reluctant to lead, over time his insecurities, power struggle, and disobedience to God led to his downfall. He was plagued with trust issues, which led to impulsive decisions. He rarely sought wise counsel from others or from God.

In our culture today, understanding these leadership styles can equip you in your own leadership journey. Whether you’re a manager of a company, a coach of a sports team, or a parent of young children, you are a leader when people count on you. Leadership isn’t just about getting results but about finding confidence and strength in God.

God is calling you to make a difference in the here and now to those around you!

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Ministry Update from Mark

I’m honored and humbled to build on the shoulders of the evangelist, preacher, and man of God known as D. L. Moody. His father died when he was young, he dropped out of school in fifth grade, and he left home at 17 to become a shoe salesman. That same year, he responded to the gospel and surrendered his life to God. From that moment on, his life was turned upside down.

He moved to Chicago and started a street Sunday school with impoverished children, preached to more than 100 million people, led thousands of people to Christ, started multiple schools, birthed a church, impacted the spiritual climate on both sides of the Atlantic, and yet remained a simple, humble man who genuinely loved God and people.

Pray with me that God would raise up a generation of men and women with the passion, sense of calling, and heart of D. L. Moody.

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