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Clogged Pipes

Unconfessed sin blocks your spiritual life.

A wrench is being used to adjust pipes.


”Your heart hungers when it is repentant.”

—Mark Jobe


“Yet, you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.” Psalm 51:6

Clogged pipes in your home can really be a headache for a homeowner. Whether it’s a sink, toilet, or bathtub, these lines can clog over time as debris accumulates, making it harder for waste to move through. If not identified and addressed in the early stages, you could end up with sewage water backing up into your house. I speak from experience!

Unconfessed sin is a lot like that clogged pipe. Its tentacles can wrap around every part of our being and can often leave us feeling paralyzed if we’re not careful. The effects are devastating—from developing a wrong spirit towards God to feeling separated and isolated from community to losing the joy of our salvation. If left unchecked, unconfessed sin blocks our healing in other areas of our lives, leaving us hopeless.

In Psalm 51, we see David wrestling with the weight of his sin of adultery and murder. His anguish is palpable as he confesses his sins to God, holding nothing back. We see that he doesn’t blame anyone but himself, making no attempt to excuse his actions. David knew that his sin had separated him from God, so the only appropriate response was a humble and contrite appeal for Him to extend His mercy, love, and forgiveness.

Like a pipe that’s been unclogged, there’s a hunger when your heart is repentant. The weight of sin is gone, replaced by joy and freedom like no other. You’re no longer a slave to sin! My friend, true repentance doesn’t merely alleviate guilt but also cultivates a deep joy in your life. Might today be that day?

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Ministry Update from Mark

Yesterday was a special day in the Jobe household, as I had the privilege of expressing my love and gratitude to three very special moms. The first is my wife, Dee, who continues to brighten every day of my life and make it better than the last. Now in her new role as Grandma, her patience and tenderness are unmatched. The second is my daughter, Marissa, who is doing an incredible job raising our grandchildren with her strength, dedication, and devotion. And, of course, my dear mom continues to be a source of faith, laughter, encouragement, and wisdom in her 80s.

Happy Mother’s Day to these beautiful women in my life!

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