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Mismatched Oxen

A couple sits on a couch while facing away from each other.


”You want a spouse who is on the same page as you spiritually.”

—Mark Jobe


Back in Jesus’ day, it was a common practice to link two oxen to each other with a wooden bar called a yoke. The yoke was then attached to a plow, and linked together, the two oxen pulled the plow to effectively till soil. Imagine if you were to mismatch the oxen, where one was stronger and one was weaker, or one taller and one shorter. Initially they might make some progress, but the unequally yoked oxen won’t be efficient or productive in the long run.

Similarly, when two people are unequally yoked together—particularly in marriage—their uneven partnership can bring complications and conflicts rather than harmony and peace. One person will be pulling while the other pushes, making the work harder. That’s why the apostle Paul’s counsel in 1 Corinthians 7 on marriage, divorce, and separation is so critical for our world today, especially in a culture that has degraded the institution of marriage.

Ultimately, when two people share the same purpose to glorify Christ in their marriage, their work will be light even though there may be toil. As they strive to move in the same direction, their burden will be lighter and their productivity will be greater. This doesn’t mean that if you’re married to an unbelieving spouse that there’s no hope for your marriage. In fact, our Scripture for today says that it’s possible that a believing spouse could influence their partner to consider the gospel!

Contemplate ways you can live out the gospel in your own marriage today. Click the link below to learn how.

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Ministry Update from Mark

This past December, we started a critical renovation of Moody Bible Institute’s 175,000 square-foot, 54-year-old men’s dorm, Culbertson Hall. I have such fond memories of living on the 15th floor of this building for three life-changing years of my life in college. Fun fact—my roommate for two of those years, John Palmieri, is my ministry colleague today! Recently, the MBI leadership team went to the top floor and dedicated this construction project in prayer before it started. Please pray with us that the project will go smoothly and be completed in time for our upcoming fall semester.

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