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Moody Radio Florida's Kurt and Kate Mornings

Air Time Daily 6-9 am ET
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Past Programs


May 17, 2024

Dignity Roasters at Wear Gloves

Dignity Roasters is an initiative of Wear Gloves in Ocala and is truly a God story from beginning until end! Ken and Wendy Kebrdle are the founders of the ministry. It began for them in Romania, where they saw abject poverty. They couldn't deny what they saw and couldn't resist the Lord's command for them to sell everything they owned! They traded in their lives of making money and instead, bought a bus, in which they traveled the country to spend time with the homeless, the addicted and disconnected. This led them to start Wear Gloves and today, the ministry is helping the downtrodden to learn about the Lord, while earning a living. The Lord is transforming scores of people, showing us how to treat His image bearers with love.... and dignity!

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May 16, 2024

Mountain Top Experiences – Peter Witkowski

When the apostle Peter encounters the transfigured Christ whose “clothes became white as light,” the apostle (somewhat understandably) does the one thing he should not do…he speaks (Matt 17:4). Before he can fully explain why he wants to create three tent or hut like structures, the heavenly Father graciously interrupts the apostle’s meandering daydream. Matthew reports: “He was still speaking when, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him (Matt 17:5).” In this brief rebuke, the Father reveals that the proper and best human response to divine glory consists not of human ingenuity but of human listening. Pastor and author Peter Witkowski stopped by to remind us that in order to make the most of our experiences of spiritual euphoria, we must not first speak but listen.

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May 15, 2024

The Pain of Being Single; The Love that Holds Me Fast – Olivia Davis

Olivia Davis: “I hated my story. I didn’t see in it the marvelous weaving of God’s mysterious ways, the undercurrents of His love in the most impossible circumstances, or a hope that never fails. I looked at my life and saw indifference, and hurt, and a God who seemed silent when I was the most desperate for His voice. Suffering through the pain of being single felt unfair and unreasonable and unnecessary. How could Jesus be the One I wanted when this was my story?” Does this hit close to home for you? Olivia joined the conversation and shared how the love of Jesus holds her fast in her painful journey as a single.

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May 14, 2024

Lessons Learned From a Wolf Attack – A.W. Workman

Some of the most painful lessons of ministry are learned when a wolf in sheep’s clothing infiltrates your church. Wolf attacks leave scars, along with tragic losses among the true sheep. How do we spot and deal with “wolves” we encounter in our churches? In our lives? Missionary A.W. Workman joined us to share the heartbreaking story of how his own overseas church suffered at the hands of a wolf and what we can do to stop a wolf in its tracks.

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May 13, 2024

House Where a Crime Occured

What would you do if had the opportunity to buy a house that you really liked.....only to find out that a crime had previously occurred there? Could you still enjoy the home's attractive features? Or would you always wonder what traumatic event took place in the home? A man's marriage took an unexpected turn when his wife moved out of the couple's home upon learning that a crime had been committed in their home before the couple lived in it. Here's the catch: the woman's husband bought and lived in the home before the couple was married. He knew about the crime, but chose not to tell his wife about it. Listeners weighed in on whether or not the husband did the right thing. They also shared their own experiences with homes where crimes had been committed previously!

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Kurt Goff

Kurt Goff, co-host of Kurt and Kate Mornings, is a broadcasting veteran with a pastor's heart. He is a graduate of Texas Christian University and has more than 30 years of experience anchoring television news and hosting a variety of radio programs around the country. Upbeat and encouraging, Kurt has a passion for connecting people to God. He and his wife, Liz, have two sons.



Kate Bruington

Kate Bruington is the co-host of Kurt and Kate Mornings, Midday host, and can also be heard on Music for Sunday. Originally from East Hartford, Conn., Kate brings years of TV and radio experience to Moody Radio in Florida. She attended Boston Conservatory of Music and traveled the country singing before entering the broadcasting field. Kate's pastimes are reading and writing, and she currently spends much of her free time writing a novel. She has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Kurt and Kate Mornings

Kurt and Kate Mornings

Join Kurt Goff and Kate Bruington weekdays from 6–9 a.m. ET on Moody Radio Florida. Be inspired by biblical teaching, warm conversation, engaging topics, and uplifting music—all rooted in the transformative power of God's Word. Plus, stay up to date on Florida events and weather with Kurt and Kate Mornings.