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Past Programs


May 23, 2018

The Perfect Guy, Part 3

Nowadays, women often find themselves in relationships with men who don’t really think it’s important for dating to lead to marriage.  This seems to be acceptable within today’s popular culture.  But as we consider some Biblical principles of dating and relationships, Pastor Ford explains that if a man will not be accountable to anyone, and will not give you his last name, then he won’t be responsible as somebody to be in a relationship with.

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May 22, 2018

The Perfect Guy, Part 2

We’ll hear more of Pastor Ford’s description of the perfect guy, based on Genesis 2, and we’ll see that this person has respiration from God—God breathed in him and gave him the breath of life.  The perfect guy also has revelation—he’s a man of the book.  And, he has a relationship given by God.  These are just a few of the characteristics we’ll learn today as we look at how to identify the perfect guy.

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May 21, 2018

The Perfect Guy, Part 1

As we start a new study from Genesis 2, we’ll begin to look at the attributes of someone who could be considered “the perfect guy.” We’ll also learn some characteristics of someone who’s not.  And Pastor Ford will ask, “What do you do when your prince charming turns into a frog?  What do you do when your knight in shining armor turns out to be a fool in aluminum foil?”

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May 19, 2018

Treasured Truth Weekend - Still on the Wheel, Part 1

Pastor Ford compels us to come to Christ no matter what our circumstances.  We shouldn’t try to clean ourselves up.  Rather we should just bring our stinky selves to Christ and He will cover us.  We’ll end up smelling like His sweet aroma, instead of the pigsty we’ve just come from.

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May 18, 2018

The Significance of Suffering, Part 3

When we’re going through persecution—but we know that we have Biblical salvation— that assurance should override any suffering we may be experiencing.  How can that override any suffering?  Well, it’s because suffering’s only temporary, but salvation is eternal.

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May 17, 2018

The Significance of Suffering, Part 2

Pastor Ford explains that in order for suffering to be remedial, then what we have to realize is that we need to quit looking at the circumstances, and also quit looking at Satan.  Instead, we have to start looking at the Savior!  We have to begin by saying, “I know that God is controlling this thing.”  And then we have to trust that He is going to get us through whatever we are facing.

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May 16, 2018

The Significance of Suffering, Part 1

Suffering always has significance.  God allows us to go through what we’re going through to develop in us something that is lacking in our character and to strengthen our walk with Him.  And when we endure suffering, that’s when we find that we become more mature spiritually.

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May 15, 2018

Passing the Baton of Faith, Part 2

Have you ever thought about how faith can be generational?  As we look at the example of the way Timothy’s mother and grandmother passed down their faith to him, Pastor Ford will remind us about how influential mothers and grandmothers can be in shaping the faith of their children.

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May 14, 2018

Passing the Baton of Faith, Part 1

Mothers have the responsibility of passing the baton of faith to the next generation.  As we look at 2 Timothy 2, we’ll discover that Timothy’s mother knew that it’s not how high you jump or how loud you shout on Sunday, but it’s how straight you walk after your feet hit the ground on Monday.

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May 12, 2018

Treasured Truth Weekend - Designed Women, Part 2

On today’s Treasured Truth, Pastor Ford tells the story of Moses’ mother and how she saved her child despite the orders of Pharaoh. Her story is a reminder to us of how when we honor God, He will honor us.

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Pastor James Ford Jr.

Pastor James Ford Jr. has been the senior pastor of Christ Bible Church of Chicago, located on the south side of Chicago, Ill., for over 35 years. He also serves as the president of Impact Ministries, an outreach ministry committed to strengthening families in the South Shore community of Chicago.


Steve Hiller

Steve Hiller is co-host of Treasured Truth. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and has worked with Moody Radio in various capacities. Steve is also the co-host of Unlocking the Bible with Pastor Colin Smith.
Treasured Truth

Treasured Truth

Treasured Truth is a 24-minute radio program, airing daily. Each day, James Ford, Jr., Pastor of Christ Bible Church of Chicago, presents clear, powerful Bible teaching-adding godly wisdom and guidance to listeners' daily walks with Christ. Pastor Ford uses his breadth of experience to bring Christ-centered, expository preaching that is relevant to an audience of all races and cultures.