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Mornings with Eric and Brigitte


March 25, 2023

Ten Minutes For Men: Father to Father - with Jeff Bercaw

How do fathers honor their sons? On this Saturday's Eric and Brigitte Weekend, joining Eric is counselor, Jeff Bercaw as they continue the conversation about how fathers can better connect. The goal is to pass on a strong idea of what Biblical manhood is all about. On this next episode with Jeff, we look at the importance of pursuing our sons as we die to self and live for Christ.

BONUS EDITION of Father to Father

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March 24, 2023

How To Help Your Child Build Meaningful Relationships - with Amy Lowe

As parents, we want our kids to grow up to be confident, compassionate and connected. We all know that raising kids these days is hard, but encouraging strong bonds of friendships can help build meaningful relationships. Making friends is one of the most important missions of middle childhood — a social skill that will endure throughout their lives. On Friday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, Amy Lowe joins us to talk about WinShape Camps, a way to help your child build lasting relationships not just now but also for their future. Amy would love to provide parents with practical ways to help their children build good friendships that can last a lifetime!

Winshape Camps

His Only Son, The Movie - with David Helling

On Friday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, writer/director, David Helling joins us to talk about the release of the movie His Only Son to theaters on March 31, 2023. His Only Son is a cinematic exploration of the story of Abraham, as his faith is tested on his three-day journey to sacrifice his son. The film is a quiet exploration of the scripture, ultimately challenging the viewer to examine their own commitment to hearing and obeying God's voice.

His Only Son - The Movie

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March 23, 2023

How Marriage Points Us to God's Love - with Sam Allberry

What is marriage? Is it sharing a home? Is it being in love? Is it a promise? Join siblings Lila and Ethan as they celebrate their grandparents’ wedding anniversary and discover that marriage is a special sign that points to God’s unique love for us—the kind of love that keeps on going, no matter what.  On Thursday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, pastor and apologist, Sam Allberry shows us that marriage is much more than these things. 

Kingdom Come Conference - with Tim Sansbury

Is the Bible sufficient for us in all circumstances? On Thursday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, Tim Sansbury from Knox Theological Seminary joins us to talk about the upcoming Kingdom Come Conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church on March 31-April 1, where the Bible calls us to be citizens of the Kingdom of God, and rely on the sufficiency of scripture for our worldview. It will not give us an answer to every question we might have, but we need to be prepared to live with mystery, being humbled that He has not told us everything so there are some things we will not know. 

Kingdom Come Conference - March 31-April 1 - CRPC

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March 22, 2023

14 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Bible - with James F. Coakley

The Bible is the most-read book in all the world but many of us get stuck in a rut when it comes to approaching it. On Wednesday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, MBI Professor, Dr. James Coakley joins us to share fourteen invaluable strategies that bring color and life to our Scripture study. Dr. Coakley promises an exciting ride and invigorating time in God's eternal, life-changing Word. The Bible. God's materpiece and gift to you. Claim it for all that it is worth.

How to Handle Painful Family Relationships - with Susan Alexander Yates

Sometimes, when we look at someone else’s family, they seem to have it altogether. As we compare our family to theirs, we feel like a failure. We must remember that God created family. In the beginning He was part of a family — Father God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. But that wasn’t enough, so they created Adam and Eve. Family has continued ever since. On Wednesday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, author, mom and grandmother, Susan Yates joins us to talk about we long for healthy family relationships. So how do we begin to turn a fractured family into a healthy family?

How to Handle Painful Family Relationships

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March 21, 2023

Spring Cleaning our Hearts - with Hannah Keeley

Since Spring officially arrived this week on March 20, that means spring cleaning. But aside from dusting the living room and donating a few old sweaters, what are three things Christians must focus on decluttering from their lives this time of year? On Tuesday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, faith-based life-coach Heather Keeley shares her theme verse behind her coaching techniques with us. "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing, and perfect will."

Beyond Shame - with Marti Wibbels

Kindled by real or imagined failure, the painful emotion known as shame can be rooted in blame or self-condemnation. Conscious or unconscious, shame can be activated in childhood or adulthood and often includes an intense fear of rejection and an uncomfortable, sometimes imperceptible, sense of being unable to meet either one’s own or others’ expectations. On Tuesday's Mornings with Eric and Brigitte, licensed professional counselor, Marti Wibbels joins us to help us learn to recognize shame's impact on our minds and bodies and how to practically move beyond shame.

Beyond Shame.pdf

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