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February 23, 2018

Freedom Friday

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, it is Freedom Friday! Because of the day we had yesterday with many people coming to Christ, we commit this day to bringing more people to freedom. We share our freedom stories to encourage those who have yet to come to Christ, and share the Gospel, asking people to give themselves to Jesus Christ. God is providing for us every day here, and He is bringing new believers to Himself every single day. 

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February 22, 2018

Honoring Billy Graham

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we take the day to honor Billy Graham and his ministry that God used him for. Pastor Erwin Lutzer joins us to share stories of faith, and listen to clips from some of Billy's sermons. About halfway through the show, we felt a calling from God to share the Gospel on-air. We shared who Jesus is, what he has done for us, and the life that we can have if we come to Him, confess our sins, and have faith in the saving work of Christ. Literally hundreds of new believers came in and accepted Christ with us yesterday. How great is our God, Boom Crew? All praise to Him for the work that He does. 

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February 21, 2018

Overcoming Bitterness

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we talk about that root of bitterness in us. We all have had them and they are so easy to miss. When that root of bitterness goes unchecked, it grows and our maturity is stunted. We dedicate the whole day talking about practical ways to overcome bitterness. Karl shares a story of betrayal from ten years ago and how God refined him and worked through him to uproot that bitterness. How have you uprooted bitterness in your own life? What bitterness do you still need to uproot? 

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February 20, 2018

Overcoming Chaos

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we are on the subject of chaos. Everyone has chaos in their life, no matter how big or small it may be. Yet, just because we all experience chaos does not mean that we do not need to get rid of it. Karl shares with us that discipline is one of the finest ways to manage the chaos in your life. Writing down all that you have to do and committing yourslef to getting it done does wonders for the soul. Do not put your chaos on the back burner. 

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February 19, 2018

Overcoming Pain

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we begin our week of overcoming. Today's topic is about overcoming pain. Karl shares a story of a broken man who needed saving. Karl's wife was actually the one to minister to him even thought she had nothing in common with his pain. God helped her to overcome this man's pain and bring him to Christ. Later on in the show, Bob Moeller, Founder of "For Better For Worse For Keeps Ministries", talks about steps in overcoming pain done unto you. If you wan't to know more about his ministry, visit:

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February 16, 2018

Freedom Friday

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we mix our Freedom Friday with Love Week. We ususally ask, "what has God freed you from?" however today, we ask you, "What has God freed you into?" What could you not have done, or who could you not have loved without Christ stepping in and transforming you? To finish off love week, we also ask seasoned veterans in marriage to call in and share with us some advice about staying passionate. 

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February 15, 2018

Chivalry is Not Dead

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we continue our Love Week with chivalry. There is a misconception out there that chivalry is dying out and not as many men are taking the lead on caring and protecting. We ask you, the Boom Crew, how we can encourage men to take the lead in caring for women and showing respect. We also talk about the differences between men and women and how those are alright to have. Different does not mean unequal. So the next time you have the opportunity, men, hold a door open for someone, or tell your significant other how much you love them. Be chivalrous today!

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February 14, 2018

Feeling Alone

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, it's Valentine's day! We know that this day can be hard on some people for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons being feelings of loneliness. Karl shares with us the time that he felt the loneliest in life. He says that although there was immense pain in that experience, he was able to grow a friendship with God that would not have happened otherwise. God provided for Karl and filled that gap that loneliness left. 

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February 13, 2018

Loving When You Don't Want To

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we hit some of the harder parts of Love Week. Karl shares a story with us about a young woman who was distant from her father. Although she was not going to subject herself to the pain any longer, she reached out in love and told him that she would be willing to reconcile whenever he was ready. Through this act of love, God gave this young woman peace. How has God prompted you to share love when you really didn't want to?

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February 12, 2018

Mending Broken Hearts

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, it is the first day of Love Week. Every day this week, we are speaking on different aspects of love. Today's aspect of love comes through healing a broken heart first. Bob Moeller joins us in studio to talk about pain and being healed from it. The Boom Crew calls in to ask Bob questions on air about how they continue in joy when they have been hurt so badly. Out of the healing from pain comes a mended heart able to see and express God's love. 

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February 09, 2018

Freedom Friday

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, it is Freedom Friday. Since this week is unity week, we ask you of that relationship that was once split, but God reconciled. We also talk about the characteristics of people we can agree with for God's glory. What do these people have to have?

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February 08, 2018

Compassion For One Another

Today on Karl and Crew, we are continuing our week of unity. One of the most important things when coming together is having compassion for one another. Diana shares with us a bit of her story and her pain, and how it has helped her to have compassion and care for those around her. She says, "Pity is different than compassion. Pity is distant and uninvolved, but compassion jumps down into the hole with the hurting."

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February 07, 2018

Accusers of The Bretheren

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we talk the highest cause in church splits. Out of your heart flows your words, and if you are not in line with God, those words can be dangerous. All morning we talk about the importance of watching our words and practical ways we can watch our words. 

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February 06, 2018

Why You Benched Yourself

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, we are talking about splits in the church. There are many reasons a church split can happen. It could be gossip, being offended, or even a leadership issue. We ask you, The Boom Crew, for reasons why you left the church for a time and how God brought you back into that community. Today is also Day 6 of our 14 Days of Love Campaign. Each day, we are showing you unique, but practical ways to show Christ's love to those around you. 

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February 05, 2018

Unity In The Church

Today on Karl and Crew Mornings, We began our conversations as one people in Christ. We all know that the Church is not completely unified, and we can alwas seek to improve that. You, the Boom Crew, called in to share with us steps we can take to come together and create that picture we see in heaven where all nations and tribes come together to worship God. Also, a worship pastor by the name of Lennox Barnett joins us sharing his testimony. Born blind, God gifted Lennox the ability to see at age 8. He has been following the Lord faithfully and loves spreading His good news. 

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