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February 23, 2018

Hour 1: All Together Different

​Church unity. How’s that working for you? If your answer is, “Not that well,” I hope you’ll join us for Chris Fabry Live. Our guests believe that our attempts at unity are hindered by issues of identity. Our correspondent to the pastorate, Dr. John Koessler will be joined by co-author Dr. Brian Tucker. They’ve written “All Together Different.” What does unity have to do with identity?

Hour 2: Five Love Language Stories

​Chris wants to hear your "Five Love Language" story. Does that concept work in your relationships? Don’t miss the itneration on Chris Fabry Live.

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February 22, 2018

Hour 1: Make It Zero

​She’s a dangerous woman. She deals in dangerous territory—the hearts and souls of abused women and those who try to hurt them. Today on Chris Fabry Live, the Founder and Executive Director of Wellspring Living, Mary Frances Bowley returns. She’s been fighting childhood sexual abuse and exploitation since 2001. What are reasons for encouragement in the crusade against child sex-trafficking? Don’t miss the conversation on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: Billy Graham: A Retrospective

​With yesterday's passing of Dr. Billy Graham, we take another look at his life and ministry and how it impacted you.

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February 21, 2018

Hour 1: The Impact of Billy Graham

News came today of the passing of a spiritual giant. Hear Dr. Billy Graham’s voice and celebrate his passion for the Gospel at the Radio Backyard Fence. Come with your stories about how his life impacted yours.

Hour 2: Stories for Black History Month

​Dr. Winfred Neely will talk about the role of the church during low moments in African American history. Don’t miss the encouragement on Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 20, 2018

Hour 1: Demoted

​Sometimes the D word can be quite daunting, but demotions do happen in life. Along with the change in position often comes pain, rejection and possibly feeling unwanted or under appreciated.  Join us as we discuss how to handle the full range of emotions that come with a demotion on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: The Problem with Boys

​What are the complex, systemic issues surrounding fatherless boys? Mark Gregston has observed this struggle in many of the children he’s worked with through Heartlight Ministries. Don’t miss Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 19, 2018

Hour 1: Strong In Grace

Join us at the Radio Backyard Fence for some encouragement. We’ll look at a passage in 2 Timothy where Paul encourages his readers to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” What does that mean—to be strong in grace? Who are the people you know who exemplify that? How do we become strong in grace? How do you know you’ve hit the mark? Let’s talk about it on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: Healing after a Loss

​Twenty years ago, Ron Deal was in Jonesboro, Ark., when a school shooting changed that city and lives forever. He helps us walk through the healing process and the impact of a situation like last week's school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and talks about the importance of sharing "tear soup" with those who have experienced loss.

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February 16, 2018

Hour 1: The Battle Behind the Culture War

​The country is reeling from the loss of life in Parkland, Florida. We’ll take a hard look at the warfare aspect of that event with President of Deeper Walk International, Marcus Warner. What are some of the contributing factors that may lead a person to make such horrific choices? How can those around such people respond responsibility to get help? Don’t miss the conversation on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: Jesus and Joy

​What you would say to a media personality who’s recently attacked Christianity. What would Jesus say to Joy? Don’t miss it on Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 15, 2018

Hour 1: Processing The Trauma From Parkland Florida

​In the wake of the loss of life in Parkland, Florida yesterday, Miriam Neff will join us to talk about how to help young people process the trauma. She’s dealt with unwanted change in her own life, so join us for an encouraging and comforting discussion in a time of national grief.​

Hour 2: A Talk with Senate Chaplain Black

​The 62nd chaplain of the United States Senate, Chaplain Barry Black will join us to talk about praying with power. Don’t miss the conversation today on Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 14, 2018

Hour 1: Redefining Romance

What is romance? Is it a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day? Is it the heart-shaped box of chocolates? A diamond necklace? Pearls? Or is it something deeper? O​n Valentine’s Day, we’re going to redefine romance. Some think marriage is romance on steroids—24 hour, fuzzy, sentimental bliss. You’ll hear a different story—romance in its purest form on Chris Fabry Live!

Hour 2: The 2 Michaels

​Those boys of the Bible, the men of Moody, they put the “lent” in Valentine, the two Michaels will join us. Don’t miss the Bible based discussion on Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 13, 2018

Hour 1: Preparing for Valen-Thrives Day

​Ask any single person what their least favorite day of the year is, and a good percentage of them will answer Valentine’s Day. Coming up, medical doctor, author and speaker, Lina Abujamra will talk about an alternative called “Valenthrive’s” Day. Does this date on the calendar have to be gloom and doom if you’re not married or have a steady date? Don’t miss the conversation ​​​on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: Overcoming a Bad Habit

Yesterday, Renee called to ask a question from the heart. She was convicted about a temptation she has of stealing. Today wel talk about that struggle and see how callers deal with those ingrained sins. Plus, author and counselor Steve Arterburn joins us with some practical help.

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February 12, 2018

Hour 1: Dealing with Temptation

We know we are all tempted. Often we don’t recognize temptation until we have yielded to it. How can we fight and win the battle against the temptations we face each day?​​ ​Ray Pritchard helps us with practical insights as he talks about the five Biblical strategies for dealing with Temptation.  Join us for this important conversation on Chris Fabry Live.

Hour 2: A Different Way to Play

​If you frame your life with others in mind, what will change? How will you live and act differently? A story from Chris's days as a basketball coach will help us end the week well.​​ Don't miss this edition of Chris Fabry Live.

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February 09, 2018

Hour 1: Farmer Friday: The Perfect Pig

​We're going back into the archives to enjoy a Farmer Friday broadcast where we asked you to talk about the perfect pig.  The perfect pumpkin you ever raised. It's a great trip down memory land as we feature this encoure program that first aired on February  03, 2017 on Chris Fabry Live.

Hour 2: Biscuits

​It's the quintessential Chris Fabry Live broadcast-a caller who served in the military in Panama shares a story about biscuits.  And that story brought many more about the kindness of God.  We dare you not to cry with us.  This program was originally aired on April 2011 on Chris Fabry.


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February 08, 2018

Hour 1: Not God Enough

​The Christian life is so much easier when God is small and manageable. Safe. He thinks like I think and likes what I like. I can predict and control him. He’s just so convenient. If that’s how your mind works, don’t miss Chris Fabry Live because pastor and author, J.D. Greear is going to show you why following a small God will lead you to big problems in life.​

Hour 2: Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study

​Join us as sage advice from a giant of Bible study comes on the air. Warren Wiersbe provides insight into how to get the most from personal time in God’s Word.  Don't miss this inspirational time together on Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 07, 2018

Hour 1: I Can Only Imagine

​We’re going to talk about a song.  One song written by a guy named Bart. One song that has moved millions of people to think about eternity. What will happen on that day when your eyes see, when the face of Jesus is before you? Can you imagine that? From Mercy Me, writer Bart Millard will talk about I Can Only Imagine—the impact it’s had, and then we’ll hear your story on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: Black Families Matter

Dr. John Trent and Dr. Eric Wallace talk about how to strengthen black families in an age of fatherlessness.

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February 06, 2018

Hour 1: The Church and the Gates of Hades

​​It’s Founder’s Week at Moody Bible Institute and, we’ll speak with the President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Dr. Dennis Hollinger. His topic is “The Church and the Gates of Hades.” He’s written about how to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and the tension we have when we get any of those out of balance. Don’t miss the encouragement and challenge on Chris Fabry Live.​​

Hour 2: The Goal of Redemption

Senior Pastor of Crossway Community Church in Bristol, Wisconsin, Mike Bullmore will talk about the goal of redemption. Don’t miss the encouragement and challenge on Chris Fabry Live.​

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February 05, 2018

Hour 1: The Sermon that Stuck

​Founder’s Week is coming up at Moody Bible Institute—messages from great teachers and speakers and challenges from God’s Word. Coming up on Chris Fabry Live, I want to hear your story of how a message at your church or a conference changed you. Maybe it was the season of life you were in that caused you to dial into the passage and what the speaker was teaching that day. Did you hear a “change your life message?” Share your answer with us on Chris Fabry Live.​

Hour 2: The Masterpiece

​NY Times bestselling author, Francine Rivers joins us at the back fence. We’ll talk about her return to her romance roots in a story called The Masterpiece. It’s a redemptive novel that shows mercy can shape even the most broken among us. Don’t miss the hope and encouragement on Chris Fabry Live.​

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