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Past Programs


May 17, 2019

Delight in the Closeness of God

​No matter how long someone has known the Lord, there are times when He feels far away. How do we experience intimacy with God, especially during times of great need? On our next Chris Fabry Live, guest host Susie Larson talks with Robert J. Morgan about how we can learn to lean into the nearness of God. If you struggle to feel God’s presence, join us for encouragement and comfort on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 16, 2019

Outcome Based Faith

​There’s something you need to avoid if you really want to follow Jesus. On Chris Fabry Live, we’re going to talk about “O.B.F.” It stands for outcome based faith. And it looks like this: find the outcome you want, set goals to achieve that outcome, and then accomplish your goals. Some believe that’s a good plan. But could it perhaps be stunting your Christian growth, your maturity? We talk about outcome based faith on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 15, 2019

Hard Conversations

​Do you run from hard conversations? Do you dread talking about the things you know you need to talk about? Or, have you charged in and damaged a relationship? Lori Stanley Roeleveld says there’s an art to hard conversations. And if you follow Jesus, you have the tools to sensitively bring up issues and deal with them redemptively. Help for your hard conversations is coming up on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 14, 2019

Doing Life with Your Adult Children

​Parenting doesn’t stop when your child turns 18. In a lot of ways, it gets more complicated. Parenting expert Jim Burns helps us navigate the toughest and most rewarding parts of parenting your grown children. How do you give advice? How do you discern the difference between helping and enabling? Setting boundaries, financial struggles, when the mate they choose is a concern--all this and more coming up on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 13, 2019

The Chosen

​The idea was birthed in a season of loss and confusion for a relatively young filmmaker. He wondered what might be next. Monday, we highlight the new TV series, The Chosen. Many have already viewed the first four episodes. The director and co-writer, Dallas Jenkins, talks about his vision for a dramatic series about Jesus and His first followers. Don’t miss the conversation.

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May 10, 2019

Remembering Warren Wiersbe

​He was one of the foremost Bible teachers and authors of the 20th Century. He pastored Moody Church, taught on Back to the Bible and wrote dozens of books. Dr. Warren Wiersbe died last week. Join us for a tribute to this man who taught God’s Word simply and powerfully. You’ll hear from people whose lives were changed and enriched by his friendship and his teaching.

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May 09, 2019

Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters

​We’re going to talk about mothers and daughters, specifically, those moms and daughters who have a strained relationship. How do you start the hard conversation? Is there hope for rebuilding and restoring your connection? If you have a difficult history with your mother or daughter, you don’t have to continue patterns of brokenness. Join us for Chris Fabry Live.

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May 08, 2019

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

​Many Christians feel pressure to pretend everything’s okay when everything isn’t. Grief is something many feel they have to run past in order to get to the good stuff God has for them. But on Chris Fabry Live, you’ll hear a pastor who has discovered the redeeming grace of lament. Hear more about the power of honest wrestling with the questions that come from suffering, on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 07, 2019

50 Years of Rosie

​Anybody who has been at the same place for 50 years deserves recognition. Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, who has been at Moody Bible Institute for five decades, provides her perspective on her longevity, the teachers and students she encountered, her memories of being taught by Dr. Warren Wiersbe, and a lot more. Don’t miss 50 years of Rosie on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 06, 2019

The Power of Storytelling to Kids

You know him as Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales fame. Monday, hear from one of the most creative minds in the Christian world—Mike Nawrocki. He wants to help parents pass on biblical values to their children through storytelling. Hear about his latest creative endeavor—the Dead Sea Squirrels! Don’t miss the fun conversation with Mike Nawrocki.

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May 03, 2019

Run the Mile You're In

​He’s the fastest American half-marathoner. He’s an Olympic athlete. And he says life is not about winning races and setting records. It’s about moving forward. It’s about living courageously and becoming who you were made to be by God himself. Don't miss a conversation with Ryan Hall who will encourage you to run the mile you’re in.

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May 02, 2019

Amazing Answers to Prayer

​Thursday is the National Day of Prayer, and we want to spend time hearing how God has answered your prayers. We don’t dictate to God what His response should be when we pray—yet we believe He hears our prayers and does answer them, sometimes in amazing ways. Whether big or small, we want to hear how you’ve seen God answer because you prayed. Share your amazing answers to prayer with guest host Susie Larson on Chris Fabry Live.

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May 01, 2019

The Common Rule

​A recent survey determined that Americans look at their phone, on average, 52 times a day. That habit, along with other invisible ones, has molded us into anxious, busy people. Author and lawyer Justin Whitmel Earley says we can form purposeful habits that connect to our beliefs. If you need life-giving practices instead of life-draining ones, join guest host Susie Larson for Chris Fabry Live.

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Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry is the host of Chris Fabry Live, one hour of spiritual encouragement from his backyard radio fence. The program challenges listeners to think biblically about their spiritual journeys. Chris is also the author of the Christy Award-winning novel Dogwood, June Bug, ECPA Christian Book Award-winner (Fiction) Almost Heaven, Not in the Heart and Borders of the Heart. He and his family live near Tucson, Ariz.

Chris Fabry Live

Chris Fabry Live

Chris Fabry Live is designed to build up the spiritual immune system of the Christian men and woman. As you walk through the journey of faith called the Christian life, you meet new people, learn new things, laugh, cry and, most importantly, grow in your understanding of God. With his sense of humor, sense of people and no sense of direction, host Chris Fabry treks that journey with you each weekday. Current events and issues, caller interaction, special guests and a few surprises all complement each other on this program. Chris Fabry Live challenges and encourages listeners in their journeys of faith.