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February 17, 2018

God and Evil Events

How do you make sense of school shootings? How do we reconcile evil and traumatic events like this week's earlier school shooting in Parkland, Fla., with Who God is? Each Saturday on Open Line, Dr. Michael Rydelnik tackles questions about God, the Bible, and the spiritual life. Don't miss your opportunity to join us.

Growing in Your Spiritual Life

There is a place for Lament in the spiritual life, especially in the wake of a tragedy like the school shooting in a Parkland, Fla., high school earlier this week. Join us each Saturday for Open Line with Dr. Michael Rydelnik as we dive deep into the Bible and see how all parts of the Bible apply to our lives.

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Dr. Michael Rydelnik

Dr. Michael Rydelnik is professor of Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute and the Bible teacher on Moody Radio’s Open Line, answering listener Bible questions on over 200 stations nationwide across Moody Radio. The son of Holocaust survivors, he was raised in an observant Jewish home in Brooklyn, N.Y., and became a follower of Jesus the Messiah during his high school years. He is the author of several books and contributor to many Bible teaching programs.

Open Line

There are times in every believer’s life when personal Bible study raises questions. Where do you turn when you need guidance and a deeper understanding of God’s Word? Moody Radio is making it possible for you to bring your Bible questions to Dr. Michael Rydelnik every week. Dr. Rydelnik hosts a two-hour, live Bible Q&A Program where your questions are the focus. Dr. Rydelnik will provide answers straight from Scripture and, when possible, bring additional historical context from his wealth of knowledge and experience.