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February 20, 2017

The War on Gender

The war on gender can be felt in the workplace, classrooms and even bathrooms. What are the real fundamental differences between men and women? Does ‘gender neutrality’ threaten true equality for all? We look at the current research on gender issues and its impact in our society today on today’s program.

Religious Discrimination and The Lost Sermons of Charles Spurgeon

Recently, the state of Georgia settled a religious discrimination lawsuit with a pastor who alleged a job offer was withdrawn after videos of his sermons against homosexuality and evolution surfaced. We get the latest with the lead attorney on the case. Then, for the past 160 years, Charles Spurgeon's sermons have been lost to history. Now, they are being rediscovered and studied for their literary grace and spiritual insights. Join us as we take a closer look.  

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By: Peter Mead

Times are changing. And less people believe the Bible than ever before. But rejecting God’s Word doesn’t mean rejecting belief. After all, everyone believes in something!

In his book, Foundations, Peter Mead provides a convincing argument for building your faith on the solid rock of God’s Word. He asks four major questions that we should be able to answer!

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