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Past Programs


January 19, 2021

Hour 1: Humans Are Exceptional

Join us this hour as we take a look at the news making headlines. We will also discuss why the World Medical Association wants to declare a worldwide climate emergency and we will examine the correlation between COVID and euthanasia. We round out the hour with an update on those who are being persecuted for their faith and learn how to pray specifically for them. Travel with us with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.

Hour 2: When Anxiety Strikes

"Fear not." "Do not be afraid." "Peace be with you." Phrases like these appear in the Bible more often than almost any other proclamation. We long to follow these commands. Yet for many, something inside us is wary, ready for anything and everything to go wrong. In fact, a quarter of Americans struggle with anxiety disorders--and Christians are not immune. Join us as our guest addresses seven themes: breath, body, movement, mind, change, spirit, and community and offers real solutions to find a solid landing place when the storm of fear looms.

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January 18, 2021

Hour 1: The Least Among Us

What does it take to overcome adversity and transform people from the inside out? What are those longstanding, proven values that have generated astonishing long-term results in reshaping lives and homes? God does not choose the capable; He chooses the called and then makes them capable. Join us to learn what it means to care for “the least among us”. Hear the stories of grassroots leaders who are transforming the lives of forgotten men and women in the most toxic of neighborhoods.

Hour 2: A Manifesto

More than in any time in our nation’s history, there’s a greater opportunity now for minority populations to let their voices be heard, influence society, and reshape the role of government in their lives. This is not the time for violence, nor is it the time to demand more handouts from governments that have failed to give minorities what they truly need and deserve: a better life so they can achieve their own destiny. In the re-airing of our conversation, this recently departed man of God set the stage for a biblical agenda or manifesto to bring about social change in our nation. His message still resonates, particularly with the headlines of the day. Christians of every denomination and ethnic stripe are welcome to join this coalition to contribute to our national vision and strategic direction.

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January 16, 2021

The Best of In the Market: Turn Your Season Around

Our guest has seen it all--the highs and lows of an intense career as a Major League Baseball all-star, drug addiction, marriage challenges, prison time, and battles with cancer. With honesty and transparency, he joins us to share the same foundational principles that transformed his life from the inside out--the power of prayer, cultivating healthy friendships, weathering trials without losing heart, refreshing the way you think, and letting God change your life for good. Ultimately, he'll help you discover and trust the redemptive process of making small, daily decisions to follow God into a life of faith, health, and freedom.

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January 15, 2021

Hour 1: The Week That Was

This week on In The Market with Janet Parshall we talked with a Major League Baseball legend who taught us how to get out of a slump and change our season.  We learned how to turn our marriage around when we are ready to give up.  We found out what the Joy Switch is and we discussed the feelings of anger and blame so prevalent in our culture right now.  Today, we discuss more of the news making headlines and give you a chance to share your thoughts. 

Hour 2: News and Views

We started out a great week of radio by hearing the powerfully moving stories of women in the Middle East who have come to faith in Christ and become secret agents for the Lord.  We discussed the Constitutional right to have prayers at governmental meetings and we learned more about the history of the Gideons International.  We learned how to respond to some of the key arguments atheists make and we listened, with sadness, as Open Doors USA shared the 2021 list of countries where it is most difficult to follow Christ because of government oppression.  Today, we will share views on some of the other stories making headlines.  

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January 14, 2021

Hour 1: Starting Out Right

​Anger, fear, frustration – these are feelings that describe many Christians right now.  Add to this a lot of finger-pointing in the Church which only adds to the pain.  Join us today to find out how to deal with those feelings and move forward in a healthy and joyous way.

Hour 2: The Cost of Following Him

We start with some news making headlines and then hear from the head of OPEN DOORS USA, who just released their World Watch List which details the countries of most concern for Christians.  Then we hear the story of a Lost Boy. John was born into a dark spiritual world in which the ancestor gods must be appeased. Under the leadership of his uncle, and with only one copy of the New Testament, John began a Christian movement within the village in which nearly a thousand people turned to Christ. The villagers received the message of Christ with joy, and at that tender moment, their village was invaded and destroyed. John was forced to run and hide in the wilderness and refugee camps of East Africa. As an orphan and refugee, John was denied every advantage in life, but God made a way for him. Miraculously, he received an education and a call to be a minister. John began teaching the Christian faith to thousands of refugees and displaced persons from all over East Africa. Join us to hear more of his story. 

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Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall has been broadcasting from the nation's capital for over two decades. Her passion is to "equip the saints" through intelligent conversation based on biblical truth. When she is not behind her microphone, Janet is speaking across the country on issues impacting Christians. She has authored several books, including her latest, Buyer Beware: Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas. Parshall and her husband, Craig, live in Virginia, and have four children and six grandchildren.
In the Market with Janet Parshall

In the Market with Janet Parshall

In the Market with Janet Parshall, challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas and speaks to them with the Word of God.