Persecution That Fuels Transformation

When we think of "church" in America, most of us think of a public building or sanctuary.

A church is a place where believers meet to sing, pray, and hear a message from a pastor or teacher. But in many places around the world, churches must meet in secret. Because it is so difficult to gather, these small groups of Christ-followers often spend 8 to 12 hours at one time, in private homes or apartments, devoting themselves to study, prayer, and fellowship.

For David Platt, pastor of Moody Radio program Radical with David Platt, the idea of the “Secret Church” was born out of his time spent with persecuted brothers and sisters in underground Asian house churches. He witnessed the passion of these believers and the rich reward they found in their intensive study of God’s Word.

David Platt

The leaders at Platt’s church began asking if they could try something similar. They arranged a time for people to come together for two purposes: to worship God through intensive study of the Word, and to pray for their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

The concept was simple: six straight hours of Bible teaching and prayer.

At the first gathering of the Secret Church there were about 1000 people, and then it began to grow. Then they had the idea of joining with believers around the country through a radio simulcast. “About 60,000 gathered together for a simulcast – seeing the sufficiency and joy in studying God’s Word,” Platt said. One of his greatest joys is to see thousands of believers gathered together for the sole purpose of soaking in the truth of God’s Word.

The prospect of spending more than 30 to 60 minutes in Bible study may seem daunting, but Platt insists it is revolutionizing the way people think about God and His Word. “Some people think – this is going to be boring. But they are staying up past midnight, seeing the joy that comes.”

The Secret Church is “fueling transformation in people’s lives” insists Platt. It is helping people to live on mission and to demonstrate the power and glory of God to the world.

Be sure to tune in to Radical with David Platt, in the next months, where he will be talking about the “Secret Church.”

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