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Moody Radio's Unlikeliest Giver

Like the poor widow who gave all she had in Mark 12, an inmate gives what he can to Spring Share and Fall Share

by Jeff Smith  /  March 16, 2022

Thomas Crangle, a faithful supporter of Moody Radio.

Meet Thomas Crangle, a faithful supporter of Moody Radio.

Imagine you’re an inmate serving a long sentence in a correctional institution.

Imagine trying to walk obediently with Christ in a spiritually dark penitentiary where most other prisoners are wandering down decidedly different paths.

Imagine the constant grind and loneliness of life behind bars cooped up in a small cell without family, friends, or freedom.

Imagine earning a pittance of income doing menial jobs.

Imagine your only sources of spiritual nourishment are reading the Bible and listening to Moody Radio.

And yet, when you hear that Moody Radio’s Spring Share will take place soon, you gladly scrape together what little money you have and mail it to your local Moody Radio station because Moody Radio is a lifeline for you. The encouragement and insight you glean from its daily programs is keeping your faith in God alive and supplying hope to carry on.

Imagine no longer—because the story you read really happened. It began in February 2021 when an inmate named Thomas Crangle mailed a letter to WCRF in Cleveland. Thomas wrote:

Dear WCRF,

I am an incarcerated veteran who for years has wanted to contact your radio station. And let you know what a profound effect your programming has in my walk with Christ. With all the spiritual and physical disabilities that I experience here in prison, the daily access to your station has been a blessing. 

I have strayed away from the Word both here and on the street, falling away into sin, despair, and hopelessness. But Jesus is always faithful to forgive me and through the Holy Spirit restores me to where He wants me to be. I am excited to be able to give at least something, knowing that it contributes to the ongoing messages of love and hope that Christ freely gives to all who call on His blessed name. I can’t wait to hear from you. God bless you all!


Upon receiving the letter, Kelly Reiter, communications specialist at Moody Radio Cleveland, quickly wrote back and explained how Thomas could support Moody Radio. Weeks later, Thomas stunned the staff by mailing $150 for Spring Share. It was reminiscent of the poor widow in Mark 12 who gave two small copper coins representing her entire life savings to the temple.

But Thomas’s generous giving was far from over. In September 2021 Thomas mailed another letter to the station. It read:

Dear WCRF,
I am happy and blessed to once again be able to contribute the enclosed amount, which helps myself and others continue to receive the ongoing word-to-life programming that your radio station provides. And like so many others, it is especially important to me to know that no matter what circumstances may come my way as an inmate, I can always count on 24-hour-a-day Moody Radio Cleveland programming.

Your friend in Christ,


Thomas had increased his gift to $300 for Moody Radio’s Fall Share. An inmate giving nearly everything he had set a powerful example of sacrificial giving.

As Moody Radio’s Spring Share 2022 continues through March 19, far more extravagant gifts will come in to our radio ministry. They are each deeply needed and greatly appreciated.

But no one can outgive Thomas Crangle. May his benevolent spirit and grateful heart inspire us during Spring Share . . . and beyond.