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Past Programs


September 29, 2020

Always Another Step

Today on Perry and Shawna Mornings, you are here on this planet at this time in history for such a time as this!  We have the pandemic that seems like it’ll never end; violence in our streets; excruciating division in our country and wounds of racism surfacing.  We need hope.  We need people who have faced the bitterness of despair and can shine the light of hope.  If you have tasted despair and then have experienced Jesus pouring hope into you, now is your time to shine.  Your next step is to share your hope story with someone who desperately needs it! 

Then, if you know your next step of obedience and you’re delaying your obedience, no stone throwing from Perry and Shawna here (!) but delayed obedience is disobedience. So tell God you love Him by obeying Him today, not to win His favor but because you already have it. With a grateful heart, obey the Father. 

And finally, discipleship is you saying to somebody:  Watch me do life.  Learn from me so that you can become more like Jesus.  Disciple-making is not about perfection, it’s showing another Jesus follower how you do life, including how you handle mistakes.  Perry shares about being invited to watch the life of an early mentor.  And how the tough love of this mentor saved him from a lot of heartache in life.  If you haven’t invited someone to watch you follow Jesus, change a life, that’s your next step.

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September 28, 2020

Keep Moving Forward

Today on Perry and Shawna Mornings take the next steps in your walk with Jesus!  First, Jesus has called us to make disciples.  To help others learn the way of Jesus. 

Being a disciplemaker looks like Shawna’s friend Linda.  Linda has opened up her life to Shawna.  She’s seen Linda parent a son through some difficult teenage years, love her husband through a long battle with mental health, watched Linda offer grace to a daughter who has broken her heart, and seen Linda stay joyful through life’s hardest moments.  Making disciples looks like Linda:  “Watch me live my life in Jesus.”  Maybe this is your next step in the journey. 

Then, in our journey with Jesus, we need a Paul, somebody out in front of us, showing us a path we haven’t yet walked.  We need a Barnabas by our side to encourage us and we can encourage them.  And we need a Timothy behind us.  Someone who hasn’t yet walked as far as we have, and we can show them the way.  Or to put it in Lord of the Rings language, we need an Aragorn out in front, we need a Sam by our side, and we need a Pippen behind us. 

If you don’t have these three relationships in your life, consider making this your next step in the journey.  And finally, maybe God has put a Kingdom dream in your heart.  But you don’t know if you should move forward.  You’re waiting for God to say, “Move,” but he’s silent.  It could be that He’s silent because he wants you to trust him enough to step out and take the risk.  If we never take the leap of faith, we’ll never see God do the impossible!

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September 25, 2020

Truth > Feelings

Today on Perry and Shawna Morning it’s Freedom Friday!  Perry and Shawna have a conversation about Perry’s dark night of the soul.  It was early Christmas morning of 1996 when the terrifying thought hit him:  I must not be a true believer.  It must be that I’m cut off from God.  Forever.  That moment came out of 3 months of depression that was being fueled by the shame he felt for the sins of his teenage years.  A huge part of why he ended up in that moment is that he was at his core, relying on his feelings to judge whether or not he was in with God.  So began the journey out of that dark night of the soul with Perry learning that truth is true no matter what we feel. 

He started writing down truth statements that he could keep coming back to.  The first one was:  No matter what I think or feel that troubles me or even terrifies me does not change the truth of God’s promises.  The second was:  How do I deal with feelings of guilt and shame?  By remembering that forgiveness is a fact, not an emotion, based on Jesus’ death on the cross!  Emotions are welcome but not required.  And the third:  Saving faith is understanding the truth and deciding to trust what I understand:  That Jesus took the punishment for my sin.  That through his death and resurrection I am made right with God.  This is true whether I feel it or not.  Share hope by sharing this link!

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September 24, 2020

Check Out These Steps

Today on Perry and Shawna Mornings, the next step in your walk with Jesus:  Sharing your faith!  If you’re thinking, I couldn’t possibly add another thing to my schedule to include evangelism. No worries. You don’t have to! Let it be organic as you move through your day.  Look for relational moments to share how God is helping you in your life right now.  And then share the bible verse that shares the truth that is helping you.  And watch God work! 

Then, the most powerful weapon that the enemy uses against Perry is accusing him of his sins.  We have a hunch that you struggle against those poisonous darts as well.  We will be crippled if we don’t learn to preach the gospel to ourselves.  If preaching the gospel to yourself isn’t a practice for you, this is your next step in your journey with Jesus.  Matt Chandler, lead pastor of teaching at the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas shows us what this looks like for him. 

Next we have fun with a Perry versus Shawna push-ups competition.  After you listen to us trash talk each other, : ) check it out on Facebook at Perry and Shawna Mornings!  Then, if you’re not taking steps to share your faith, maybe it’s because you think:  I’m not qualified; I didn’t go to seminary; I don’t want to impose my beliefs on others, or, I don’t have that gift.  Perry and Shawna show how to push past these thoughts and live on mission with Jesus. 

And finally, as we live on mission with Jesus it’s vital to keep the gospel at the center.  Because there’s a trap in ministry:  We can assume people understand the gospel.  Even people in church.  If this isn’t top of mind for you, this is your next step in following Jesus:  Never assume the gospel.  Pastor Matt Chandler unpackages what happens when we share spiritual truth and assume people understand the gospel:  They just become religious.

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September 23, 2020

Follow the Footprints

We’re in a marathon, you and I are.  Jesus has blazed the trail for us.  It’s leads to his city of gold where he is the light.  Believers who have finished their races are cheering us on.  But sometimes this journey gets hard.  And we need to know what it looks like to take the next steps in following Jesus, especially when the terrain is rocky, and the climb is uphill and then goes down into caves and tunnels.  And there's really good news, we have the map.  Perry and Shawna talk about Hebrews 12:1-2 and how it shows us the way forward especially when it’s hard! 

Then, we weren’t created to journey alone.  We need community, we need each other.  If you’re not doing life in community, no guilt trip here.  Just an invitation to make community your next step in the journey.  In community we pour the life of Jesus into one another.  Perry and Shawna share some real-life ways you can make community a reality. 

And finally, maybe you’ve heard us share our mission at 89.3 Moody Radio:  We want to help you take the next step in following Jesus.  And the image of taking steps and following Jesus means we’re going somewhere.  And the goal of this journey is standing on real ground with a resurrected body on a recreated earth!  But we’re not there yet, we need to take steps toward that.  So, we have a conversation about the steps Paul took and that we must take as we strain toward our own resurrection from Philippian 3:13-15. 

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Shawna Beyer

Shawna Beyer has been a business owner, homeschool mom, church planter, project lead for a management consulting company, and church staff member. Born and raised in Southern California, she has been married for 25 years and is the mom of four. Shawna loves to help others discover a personal relationship with God that shapes how they think, feel, and live for Jesus daily. She loves being surrounded by her family and a good cup of coffee.

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