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Past Programs


April 08, 2020

I Am Weak. I Am Thirsty.

Today Perry and Shawna have a conversation about how the realization of our weakness and need and thirst is always a good thing.  Because this drives us to the source of power and supply and cool satisfying water.  First Shawna shares about how weak she has felt this week, how she has cried in her need and how Jesus has answered her:  “I am enough.”  Then Perry shares how as a young man of 19 after tasting so much of what the world had to offer, he was deeply soul thirsty.  And how at a little church in Cheboygan Jesus spoke a word of promise that gave him hope for the future and began filling his thirsty soul.  On the lighter side, Perry can’t figure out why his wife and daughter leave the end space for plates in the dishwasher empty.  Shawna schools him on this point.  : )  And finally Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids tells about some amazing resources for parents, teens, and kids to help us not only survive, but thrive during sheltering at home.  Check it out at!

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April 07, 2020

Who Jesus Really Is

Today Perry and Shawna have a conversation about who Jesus really is and what that means for your life.  First Jesus is completely unlike us—he’s God, but then, he’s completely like us, fully human—he gets us!   Shawna shares a story from a trip to Israel that made Jesus’ humanity more than just a concept to her.  Then Perry shares from his own life how Jesus is our light in our dark night of the soul.  And he shows us how we can be that light for each other. 

And finally Shawna shares the beauty of Jesus being the servant King, the one who washes our feet, who bled out for us.  Because he knew in his core that he was the Beloved Son of the Father, it was his joy to be our Servant King.  And we too, when we know we’re beloved, we’ll go low to serve others.

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April 06, 2020

The Land Between

Today on Perry and Shawna Mornings Jeff Manion, Lead Pastor at Ada Bible joins the team to talk about his book The Land Between—finding God in difficult transitions.  That’s where we find ourselves right now:  We’re not where we were, we’re not where we’re gonna be.  We’re in the middle, a desert really.  In the desert it’s easy to complain, but trusting God is the antidote for complaint.  And also we need desert to change us, to root out the bad and grow in us the good.  Then Jeff’s shares his story of losing his mom in a car accident when he was 12 and how God used that to shape in him a heart of empathy for hurting people.  These are the kinds of things God works in you and me in the land between. 

Next Jeff shares how he once was a grumbler and how gratitude has rewired his heart.  And gratitude for you and me can become the wind in our sails during the complete uncertainty of this worldwide pandemic.  Finally, this land between, the global pandemic is a chance for you and me to learn to trust God in the moment, to really believe from our core—“God you are and you will be enough!” 

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April 03, 2020

Freedom Friday with Dan Seaborn

Dan Seaborn of Winning at Home ( joins Perry and Shawna with a conversation of how Jesus sets us free from the fear that wants to cripple us during this pandemic.  We talk about the massive promise of comfort and shelter we find in Psalm 91.  We also talk about what Psalm 91 does not mean.  It doesn’t mean that we are promised a problem free life.  Or that we won’t get Covid 19.  It does mean that our eternal future is secure because of the cross.  Then Perry admits that he doesn’t feel fully qualified to lead in these troubling times and Dan shares with him the non-negotiable practice that will help him and us rise to the challenge.  Time with God.  And finally Dan gives some real life ideas on how we can help our kids and ourselves survive this no-end-in-sight sheltering at home!

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April 02, 2020

Noah and the COVID, I Mean Ark

Today West Michigan writer and speaker Steve Norman ( joins the team to talk about the first human to ever shelter at home.  Noah!  Yeh the ark guy.  When the rains came Noah was shut in, he didn’t have control, and he was forced to learn patience.  At the heart of this conversation is that God has slowed us down to deepen our relationships with those closest to us, to restore any relationship that needs mending, to allow God to purify our hearts and to prepare us to be a blessing to the world.  Looking back we’ll realize that we needed to go through this to accomplish the greater impact he has in store for us.  Something better is ahead!

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Perry LaHaie

Perry LaHaie is a radio host, singer, and songwriter with a passion to see the Great Commission completed in our generation. He was born and raised in northern Michigan, earned a degree in communications, and later a graduate degree in cross-cultural communications. Music and ministry have taken him all over the world. He served at Family Life Radio before serving with Frontiers, a worldwide ministry to Muslims. Perry and his wife, Teresa, have two children, Kali and Taylor.


Shawna Beyer

Shawna Beyer has been a business owner, homeschool mom, church planter, project lead for a management consulting company, and church staff member. Born and raised in Southern California, she has been married for 25 years and is the mom of four. Shawna loves to help others discover a personal relationship with God that shapes how they think, feel, and live for Jesus daily. She loves being surrounded by her family and a good cup of coffee.

Perry and Shawna Mornings

Perry and Shawna Mornings

Perry and Shawna Mornings brings you the usual morning show lineup with great music, weather, traffic, news, and sports—and then takes you deeper. Join Perry LaHaie and Shawna Beyer for music, interviews, and listener conversations that remind you of the Gospel and help you become a blessing to our neighbors and to the nations.