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Faith and Finance Live

Air Time Monday-Friday 3:00 - 4:00 PM CST
Call In 800-525-7000

February 26, 2024

Kingdom Impact Beyond Tithes and Offering

We typically think about growing the Kingdom with our tithes and offerings, but if there was a way to impact God’s Kingdom while investing, would you use it? On today's Faith & Finance Live, host Rob West will welcome Brandon Pizzurro to tell us about how we can have Kingdom impact beyond our tithes and offerings. Then Rob will answer your calls and various financial questions. 



Brandon Pizzurro
Brandon Pizzurro

Brandon Pizzurro

Brandon Pizzurro leads the investment-related lines of business within GuideStone. In this capacity, he serves as President and Chief Investment Officer of GuideStone Capital Management, LLC, the investment adviser to GuideStone Funds, and President of GuideStone Investment Services, which provides investment advisory services to nonprofit institutions. He also chairs both the organization’s Committee on Faith-Based Investing, which directs GuideStone’s faith-based research efforts, and the Investment Management, Allocation, and Risk Committee, which approves all new investments for use on the GuideStone platform. 

Prior to assuming his responsibilities at GuideStone, Brandon spent 13 years in roles of increasing investment responsibility and scope at First Command Financial Services, 1st Global, and Morgan Stanley.

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Rob West

Rob West is the host of the nationally syndicated radio programs, Faith & FinanceFaith & Finance Live, and The Faith & Finance Minute. Rob also serves as the CEO and spokesperson of Kingdom Advisors, an international community of financial professionals who are specialists in delivering biblically wise financial advice. Rob has dedicated his professional career to work at the intersection of faith and finance having led a successful faith-based financial services firm and speaking frequently on the topic. Rob and his wife, Julie, live in Marietta, GA with their four children.

Faith & Finance Live

Fresh, relevant, and fun, Faith & Finance Live is a daily radio program to help listeners manage their finances in a way that pleases God. Join Rob West for listener interaction, expert guests, and sound advice.