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    February 08, 2016

    Hour 1- Counting and Caring for our Treasures

    Money can be a difficult and challenging issue in our lives. How can we learn to handle it with both our hearts and our hands? Today, we learn what the Word has to say about stewardship. Guest: Graham Beynon

    Hour 2- Following Tradition and Imitating Truth

    A new proposal on Capitol Hill is seeking to have young women register for the draft, just as young men now do. Is this the best policy for our country? Also, Thomas a Kempis wrote, “At the Day of Judgment, we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done” Who was this medieval author and why do his words still speak to the human heart today?Guests: Elaine Donnelly, Dr. Rosalie de Rosset

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  • Question of the Week

    There is little doubt that we are fully in the season of politics.  The airwaves are filled with debates and endorsements – all designed to sway you, the voter.  As you watch and listen to what is being “bought and sold” in the marketplace of ideas, are you becoming more interested in the process or less? If you could change anything about the way this country does elections, what would it be?

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    The Imitation of Christ

    The Imitation of Christ

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Janet Parshall has been broadcasting from the nation's capital for over two decades. Her passion is to "equip the saints" through intelligent conversation based on biblical truth. When she is not behind her microphone, Janet is speaking across the country on issues impacting Christians. She has authored several books, including her latest, Buyer Beware: Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas. Parshall and her husband, Craig, live in Virginia, and have four children and six grandchildren.

In the Market with Janet Parshall

In the Market with Janet Parshall, challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas and speaks to them with the Word of God. In this fast-paced, caller-driven program, Janet evaluates newsworthy topics with guests and listeners using the Bible as a framework for discussion. This daily program addresses relevant issues important to Christians, with an engaging mix of listener interaction and commentary from highly respected guests.