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It's About Excellence
It's About Excellence: Building Ethically Healthy Organizations

Your First Job // Bringing Your Faith to Work

Air Date September 1, 2014


Hour 1 - Your First Job

We feature a Labor Day "Best of" broadcast featuring calls about your first job. How did flipping burgers, delivering papers or bagging groceries prepare you well for what you’re doing today? What are the benefits of that first job? Did you find out you didn’t want to do that thing you thought you wanted to? Tune in for a conversation about first jobs and God’s grace.

Hour 2 - Bringing Your Faith to Work

Is what you do from 9-5 just about paying the bills so you can do ministry on the weekend? Or is there more to what you do to provide for your family? Don't miss this Labor Day conversation with David Gill and Sajan Mathews.

To learn more about Moody Theological Seminary's Vocational Stewardship program, please visit MTS' website.


David Gill

David Gill

Dr. David Gill is professor of Workplace Theology and Business Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California. A sought-after speaker on Christian ethics, Dr. Gill's mission is to promote the values of Christ and build ethically healthy organizations. He and his wife, Lucia have two children and several grandchildren.

For more information about David, please visit Gordon-Conwell's website.

Sajan Mathews

Sajan Mathews

Dr. Sajan Mathews is professor of Systematic Theology and head of the Master of Ministry Leadership program at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago.

For more information, please visit Moody Bible Institute's website.


Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry is the host of Chris Fabry Live!, two hours of spiritual encouragement from his backyard radio fence. The program challenges listeners to think biblically about their spiritual journeys. Chris is also the author of the Christy Award-winning novel Dogwood, June Bug, ECPA Christian Book Award-winner (Fiction) Almost Heaven, Not in the Heart and Borders of the Heart. He and his family live near Tucson, Ariz. To find out more, please visit Chris' website.