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About Music Thru The Night

Music Thru The Night is an overnight program on Saturday and Sunday, hosted by Roger Basick, that blends personal biblical insight and encouraging stories of believers with warm inspirational music. Music Thru The Night ministers to a wide demographic of listeners—both young and old—and serves as a reminder to look to the power of Jesus Christ over the disabling, negative influences of this dark world. Basick serves as a friend in the night, pointing out biblical truths to confront the pressures of a culture moving farther from God, and closer to a marginalized worldview of His divine influence. Music Thru The Night is constantly pointing to eternity—the truth that a godly life is not simply about heaven, but about living for God, in Christ, on a day-by-day!


Roger Basick

Roger Basick has been the host of Music Thru The Night Weekend since April 2006. Roger received his B.A. in Communications from Moody Bible Institute and has been involved with Moody Radio since 1990. Along with a great team of people who serve faithfully behind the scenes at Moody Radio, Roger is able to host Music Thru The Night Weekend from Ireland. For his "day job," he, his wife Carey and their two children are serving in partnership with Reach Beyond (formerly known as HCJB Global) and Focus on the Family Ireland, providing training and development around Ireland and throughout the Europe/Eurasia Region.

Theme Song 

The theme song for Music Thru The Night is "Godspeed" by Steve Wick. You can listen online or purchase the track on Steve's website.