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    May 22, 2016

    Getting on Board, Part 2

    ​Matthew 4:19-25 | Crawford Loritts takes us to the unfolding of Jesus public ministry. Jesus is on His way to declaring the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God in the midst of humanity. Crawford emphasizes that to follow Jesus means to make a firm decision to do so. It’s not something we take steps toward. And when Jesus calls, we need to be moving with Him. No delay. We were born to follow Christ.​

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Dr. Crawford Loritts

Dr. Crawford Loritts is a nationally known Bible speaker, author and senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Ga. Crawford and his wife, Karen, have four children and live in Georgia.

Living a Legacy

Living a Legacy is a weekly 24-minute Bible-teaching program featuring Dr. Crawford Loritts. Each program is full of in-depth teaching, challenging lessons, and practical applications—all grounded firmly in the Bible. The goal of this program is to bring about spiritual awakening and maturity in the body of Christ through a clear message from God’s Word.