Overcomers, Part 2

Air Date October 26, 2014


On Living a Legacy, we're picking up the teaching in 1 John chapter 5 on overcoming sin. Dr. Crawford Loritts has been teaching on the marks of the faithful and in this message installment we'll focus on the dangers of facing those who are unfaithful. We'll hear Crawford teach on the meaning of the phrase, "sin unto death". And we'll hear the warning that comes from ignoring the seriousness of sin. Be listening for a sobering and heartfelt message titled "Overcomers" on Living a Legacy.


Crawford Loritts

Dr. Crawford Loritts
Dr. Crawford Loritts is a nationally known Bible speaker, author and senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Ga. Crawford and his wife, Karen, have four children and live in Georgia.