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Past Programs


April 09, 2020

Tim Challies: Epic

How much do you know about the history of the Church? You may not be able to travel right now, but thanks to our guest today, you can travel the world to discover our faith roots. Thursday we visit with Tim Challies who has spanned the world to search for objects related to stories surrounding the birth and spread of Christianity. Tim is hoping that you’ll be inspired by his project to be responsible for the family history of God at work around the world and in your own neighborhood.

Dr. Charlie Dyer: 30 Days in the Land with Jesus

This week we commemorate the last week of Jesus life. Thursday we visit with Dr. Charlie Dyer from the Land and the Book, who will walk us through the streets Jesus walked during his earthly ministry with insights from his many visits. Join with us in this radio tour of the Holy Land as we consider Jesus with his disciples, in the garden, the journey to the cross, and the empty tomb. He is Risen!


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April 08, 2020

Dr. John Dyer: Doing Church during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted churches that were not broadcasting their services online to go online for their congregation. With this sudden change to doing church online, what are some of the challenges and are there ways to overcome them? Dr. John Dyer from Dallas Theological Seminary will join Ken and Deb Wednesday to talk about the how-to of doing church online. What is the easiest thing to move online and how does the church observe communion and baptism without being at church? Dr. Dyer will help us think through some of these questions Wednesday on Ken and Deb in the Morning.

Colin Smith: Holy Week 2020

There are many changes to how Easter Sunday will be observed this year, but the truth of what Jesus did, who he is, and the truth of his glorious resurrection continues to be preached and celebrated. Wednesday we visit with Pastor Colin Smith, who will join Ken and Deb with his perspective on how we are observing Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Be listening to hear how we can remember and rejoice together as Christ’s Church even as we shelter at home.

Morning Show Devotional (04/08)


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April 07, 2020

Erin Weidemann: Back to School at Home

Due to the current pandemic, parents and grandparents are now navigating their child’s or grandchild’s education at home. Tuesday we’ll get some homeschooling tips from educator/homeschooler Erin Weidemann. Erin will share some insight from her years as a public school teacher and her recent experience in homeschooling her children. Be listening for guidance as you bring school home Tuesday on Ken and Deb in the Morning.

Gerad Hall: Messianic Prophecy and Holy Week

Join us Tuesday as Gerad Hall continues his series on Messianic prophecy in the book of Isaiah. The events of Jesus life and his suffering was foretold some 700 years before Jesus made his way to the cross to die in our place.  Gerad will show us how completely and perfectly Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy and how we can trust Him to bring to pass all that He has promised.

Morning Show Devotional (04/07)


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April 06, 2020

Laura Richie: The Easter Storybook

It would be easy and natural to keep the attention on the current crisis this week, but for generation after generation, Christians have commemorated the last week of Jesus’ life during Holy Week. Monday we will talk with Laura Richie, who has put together an Easter Storybook that shares 40 Bible stories that point to who Jesus is. Laura will be along to share some of those stories and how important it is that we keep telling and reading these stories to our children.

Elizabeth Smith: Easter at Home Ideas

What are some ideas for celebrating Resurrection Sunday when you can’t attend church? Join Ken and Deb Monday as they visit with Elizabeth Smith, Program Head for Children and Family Ministry program at Moody Bible Institute, as she shares various ideas and resources available for your family as you plan Easter at home.

Morning Show Devotional (04/06)


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April 03, 2020

Lee Strobel: The Case for Hope

God desires that we live out our days on earth with a sense of expectancy, an optimism that He is willing and able to do what He promises. We call this hope. Friday Lee Strobel will join Ken and Deb to talk about the confident hope that we have because of the work of Jesus on our behalf. The world may be quaking in fear over the uncertainty of a new virus, but for those who have placed their faith in Christ, hope is an inextinguishable light in the darkest of circumstances.

Morning Show Devotional (04/03)


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