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Past Programs


July 16, 2018

God's Help When Your Relationship Ends

Sometimes no matter how hard you try a dating or marriage relationship ends. Sometimes it is out of fault or times it is "just one of those things" that happens.  What is the best way for you as a Christian to deal with the loss and pain? Kurt recently got a letter from a listener who is asking similar questions after the end of a relationship.  Kurt and our callers share their experiences and wisdom on this very common challenge in our lives.

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July 15, 2018

Does God Still Speak Through Our Dreams Today?

The stories are all over the Bible, but in our "advanced" modern times it is hard for even Christians to believe that God still speaks and guides His people through dreams.  But you may change your mind about that after you listen to this very interesting program as Kurt and our callers dig deep and share amazing stories from their lives where God used their dreams to communicate, encourage and challenge them in their walk of faith.

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July 12, 2018

Time Capsule & Spiritual House Cleaning


If you could create a time capsule for somebody in future generations to find, what would you put in it?  A recent story about an unexpected find during a bathroom renovation sparked the idea for this conversation.  And in the second half of the show we flip the topic on it's head and talk about bad things left behind by former residents of our homes and what needs to be done with them.  We cover alot of ground on this thought provoking end of the week conversation.

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July 11, 2018

Did God Ever Tell You To Leave Your Job?

A new report has revealed some surprising statistics regarding the number of people who leave their jobs for better pay and benefits.  We all want to improve our lot in life but sometimes for the believer leaving a job is not about more money but it is because God has led you to take a step of faith and leave for something better He has for you.  On this edition of Kurt Goff Live, Kurt and our callers share their stories of leaving jobs, moving cross country, etc. because God told them to do so. They also share lessons they learned through those experiences that we all can benefit from when God calls us to take a step out in faith.

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July 10, 2018

Near Death Experiences

What people call near death experiences or NDE's have filled television news screens and book stores shelves across the countries for more than a decade.  Is this all a hoax or could there ACTUALLY be occasions where God pulls back the curtain and allows HIS children to experience the world after death is poweful and life changing ways.  As always Kurt puts Jesus Christ at the center and the Bible as our guide as we delve into the challenging topic and our callers share their own near death experiences.

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July 09, 2018

Pop Up Verses

It's time to talk scripture and the power of God's word to touch lives in unexpected ways.  Kurt and our callers share their stories of verses from the Bible that "popped" out at them at special or important times of their lives and how they influenced, changed or drew them closer in their relationship with God.

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July 08, 2018


Many people have them but they are not quick to talk about them very often: phobias.  Kurt has claustrophobia brought on by a traumatic event from childhood and during this very interesting conversation you will hear people share their stories of other phobias they live with, some them quite surprising, and how God has helped them cope with these lifelong challenges.

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July 04, 2018

True Freedom

Once again our nation has celebrated the gift of freedom that has been hard won over many years.  But as great and important as that freedom is, there is a GREATER freedom for those who walk with the Lord.  Kurt openened the phone lines up to give our callers a chance to share their stories of what God has set them free and how that freedom has impacted their lives, faith and witness.

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July 03, 2018

God's Favor

It is an important but sometime controversial topic in the Christian world: God's favor.  On this program we sort through the truth and the confusion over what God's favor really means and share great stroies of it in action in the lives of our callers.  Kurt is reading a great new book on this topic right now.  Click the link below to see more a more detailed description of this program and a link to the book.

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July 02, 2018

Connecting The Dots

Nothing happens by accident or coincidence or random chance in the life of the Christian.  God is always working behind the scenes, moving the pieces and orchestrating the story. And what my at times seem like random events in reality are carefully plotted chapters in the story that he is writing in your life.  Sometimes it is not until that particular chapter is over that you can look back and see His hand at work, connecting the dots and revealing the complete picutre.  Kurt and our callers explore this wonderful aspect of the Christian life in this edition of Kurt Goff Live.

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July 01, 2018

The Importance of Praying In Public

A recent encounter in Kurt's life created the springboard for this very interesting conversation about the importance of public prayer as a part of the Christian's life.  Join Kurt and our listners as they delve into the issue and share their stories of how God used the opportunity He gave them to pray in public over meals and at other times.

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Kurt Goff is a broadcasting veteran with a pastor's heart. He has more than 25 years of experience anchoring television news and hosting a variety of radio programs around the country. With Jesus Christ at the center and the Bible as the guide, each broadcast of Kurt Goff Live reminds listeners that they are not alone and that Christ loves them through the ups and downs of their life.Goff is a graduate of Texas Christian University. He and his wife, Liz, have two sons.
Kurt Goff Live

Kurt Goff Live

Upbeat and encouraging, Moody Radio host Kurt Goff has a passion for connecting people to God. On Kurt Goff Live, this longtime Christian radio broadcaster brings you six hours of uplifting music, inspiring devotional insights, and faith-infused conversation with callers. Hear the heart of a pastor as Kurt engages listeners with words of hope and joy, all based on God's Word.