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January 12, 2022

Hour 1: Your Good Body

So many of us feel as though accepting our bodies means abandoning any effort to improve. We look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are going to love the skin we are in, but most days our inner self-critic is all we can hear. We constantly ask ourselves

· How can I have a healthy lifestyle that will keep me motivated and inspired?

· Why does it even matter how I think about my body? Can’t I just lose weight and be happy?

· What is it going to take for me to be content with the way I look, even if I’m not thin?

But there is hope! Pursuing the healthiest version of you means learning to love the reflection in the mirror, and our guest understands this all too well. From looking at her today, you wouldn’t know that she used to weigh 336 pounds. During her 16-year health and wellness journey, she has felt the deep anguish of torment from peers and strangers, let the scale dictate her moods, and cried herself to sleep all because of her "imperfect" body. But ultimately, Jennifer realized that to overcome the overwhelming negative feelings about her body, she needed to start with her mind and let go of all the expectations of perfection that were keeping her from being the best version of herself. Join us to learn healthy habits and positive motivation to take care of your good body.


Hour 2: Questioning God

"How can anyone believe in God in this scientific age?"
"Haven't Christians caused more harm than good?"
"I'm a good person. Isn't that good enough?"

For so many people today, Christianity raises questions just like these. And to that, our guest says, "Great!" Join us as he invites those skeptical of Christianity or those doubting the faith they've long held to consider honest answers to many commonly asked questions. "You have questions. Good questions. They deserve well-reasoned answers," our guest says. "I aim simply to put the facts on the table and let you decide for yourself whether there is any credence to the idea of God, the Bible, or Christianity." Discover why Christianity remains relevant today.



Jennifer Taylor Wagner
Jennifer Taylor Wagner

Jennifer Taylor Wagner

Jennifer Taylor Wagner is a certified fitness instructor and successful blogger. She is passionate about challenging the way we think about health, wellness, and regularly writes on the topics of healthy living and body positivity. Whether it’s hosting online webinars, speaking in auditoriums, or chatting at MOPS meetings, she is committed to helping others find hope in their journey. The #1 core value Jennifer holds in her health journey is a commitment to loving her body well. She spent years hating the girl in the mirror, even after losing over 150 pounds, and she is determined to allow love to pave the way at this point in her life. Jennifer challenges us to see our current bodies as GOOD, exactly as they are, today, without changing one single thing. We can run toward our biggest health goals, but Jennifer inspires us to do so from a place of love.

John Hopper
John Hopper

John Hopper

John Hopper serves as an Area Director for Search Ministries in Houston, Texas, where he facilitates gatherings and conversations aimed at helping others think more deeply about God and life. Prior to joining Search, John worked in the private sector first as a tennis pro and later in real estate. After transitioning into full time ministry, John served for 16 years as a pastor at BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston.

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Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall has been broadcasting from the nation's capital for over two decades. Her passion is to "equip the saints" through intelligent conversation based on biblical truth. When she is not behind her microphone, Janet is speaking across the country on issues impacting Christians. She has authored several books, including her latest, Buyer Beware: Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas. Parshall and her husband, Craig, live in Virginia, and have four children and six grandchildren.

In the Market with Janet Parshall

In the Market with Janet Parshall, challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas and speaks to them with the Word of God.