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Confronting Insecurity

A young lady in a tie dye sshirt walks past the lockers in a school hallway.


”Insecurity can drive you out of the position God has put you in.”

—Mark Jobe


While much is yet to be learned about how the pandemic triggered a ripple of mental health concerns across all age groups, researchers agree that 14-to 18-year-olds who were robbed of some ‘capstone’ moments of their formative years, were profoundly impacted. School closures, canceled proms, and separation from friends created an already fragile atmosphere of uncertainty, anxiety, and insecurity among some teens about their future and place in it.

Insecurity is a powerful view of life that we all struggle with at one level or another. Insecurity is defined as “lacking confidence or assurance; self-doubt.” We can feel insecure in just about every area of our lives from family relationships to friendships to our place of work. As a Christian, we are rooted in Christ, who offers each of us a solid, unshakeable foundation in Him so why do we feel insecure so often?

Saul, a man chosen and anointed by God, was plagued with insecurity throughout his life. In his first test of leadership as king in I Samuel 10, Saul panicked and took matters into his own hands instead of waiting for Samuel’s cue. Later, we see a jealous Saul attempting to kill off David for fear that he would take over as king of the Israelites. The biggest tragedy in Saul’s life is that he was blind to his own arrogance which would cost him his life.

When we give Satan even a small foothold in our lives, his first order of business will be to make us doubt God and then ourselves. Misplaced trust is the root cause of insecurity. If you’ve struggled with insecurity in your life, consider what your Creator says about you and how deeply loved you are by Him. The entire Bible is a love story about God’s love for His people and that includes you.
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Ministry Update from Mark

A few weeks ago, when I was at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando, I had the opportunity to sit down with Brad and Doug Hutchcraft, hosts of the Go M.A.D. podcast. Go M.A.D. means "Go make a difference” where the hosts seek out ways listeners can make the greatest possible impact through Jesus for the people in our world though conversations, on social media, at home or at work. I’d love for you to listen to the episode I recorded with them titled, ‘Shaping Young People for a Fantastic Future

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Dr. Mark Jobe

Mark Jobe serves as president of Moody Bible Institute and host of Moody Radio's Bold Steps. He is the author of Unstuck: Out of Your Cave into Your Call (Moody Publishers). He is also the founding pastor of New Life Community Church, a Chicago-based ministry with 27 locations throughout Chicago. Mark earned a diploma from Moody in 1984, a master’s degree from Moody Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in transformational leadership from Bakke Graduate University. He and his wife, Dee, have three adult children.

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Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe

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