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The Good News in 25 Words

How you can share the gospel of Jesus Christ


Can you describe the gospel in 25 words or less?

If you ever feel a little tongue-tied about sharing the good news of the gospel, you’re not alone. Here’s one way: Try thinking through the key parts of the gospel and connecting them to your own salvation story.

So where should you start? As a guest on Chris Fabry Live, Moody Bible Institute professor and Moody Radio host Dr. Michael Rydelnik challenged listeners to give the gospel in 25 words or less.

What about you? How would you communicate this important truth?

Chris Fabry and the “Two Michaels,” Dr. Michael Rydelnik and Dr. Michael
Vanlaningham, had some ideas. During their recent conversation on Chris Fabry Live,
they reminded listeners how some phrases can confuse people, like “ask Jesus into
your heart.” What if you used fresh biblical words instead of regurgitating phrases
familiar only to Christians?

Your story, in your own words, about the moment you trusted Jesus alone for salvation
is powerful. That’s where Dr. Rydelnik’s challenge becomes valuable, because it forces
us to concentrate on the real story of the gospel—in just 25 words.

Here’s how Dr. Rydelnik answered his own question—and he only used 23 words! Referring to 1 Corinthians 15, he suggested this simple summary:

“The wrong things we do separate us from God. Jesus died for our sins and rose again, proving He’s God. Trust in Him.”

On the next day’s program, Chris Fabry responded with a practical example from his own childhood worries about whether or not he was actually saved.

As a boy, I remember one night mulling over the truth about what it was that God had done in Jesus—that Jesus died on the cross for my sin, was buried, and then He rose again, and that proves the deity of who He is. And somehow it clicked. The switch flipped for me as a child, and I understood it wasn’t the number of times that I’d prayed or how I prayed. God had done something for me that I couldn’t do myself, and if I simply believe in what He accomplished for me—if I believe that, if I place my faith and trust in Him—then I will have everlasting life! I don’t have to fear that second death that clouded my life as a child. So it finally dawned on me that it wasn’t me feeling saved. It wasn’t me feeling like a miracle had happened. It was, am I ready to say to God, I believe in You, I trust fully in what You have done for me rather than what I can do in order to earn my way to You? That switch flipped very early in my life, and it has been a progression.

On his broadcast, Chris said all of this in 200 words. By using his own real-life example, he was clearly sharing the gospel story. But then he took up the challenge and summarized the essence of the gospel this way:

“Faith is not me clawing my way up to God. Faith is Him invading time and space. Jesus came to us. While we were yet sinners, He died for us.”

Okay, that’s 30 words, but you get the idea. Think carefully about the essence of the gospel, then try it yourself! In 25 words or so, explain what Jesus did for us.

How about you—what is your gospel story? “When did you learn the truth about your sin, your separation from God, the length to which God went to pay for your salvation, and then His rising again, the resurrection power that He’s offering you and me?” Chris asks. “Are you trusting in Him alone today?”

Chris encouraged listeners to call in and ask questions about the gospel and to tell their own story. (You can listen to these radio shows yourself at the Bible Q & A and Your Gospel Story.)


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We’re grateful for your support of Moody Radio, which provides valuable programs like the Bible Q & A on Chris Fabry Live. Your gifts during Share make it possible for Moody Radio to continue sharing the Word with listeners who then do the same! 

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