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In this dramatization of Pilgrim’s Progress for couples, Peter and Celeste are tethered together in marriage and become confident of their love for the King and for each other. But the couple soon discovers their journey together is much more difficult than they expected. They eventually reach their ultimate destination—the King’s City—where they realize they have experienced a love with each other that is so much richer and fuller than they ever imagined when they first set out. Join them as they learn many lessons along the way during their journey of faith ... taken together.

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Peter and Celeste choose to travel as one on the lifelong journey to the King's City. They are blissfully in love and bound to each other by the Cords of Commitment. Shortly after visiting the Moon of Honey they discover that the journey proves much more difficult than they expected. When they find themselves laboring through the Swamp of Selfishness, crossing the dismal Plains of Distance, and nearly becoming separated by the River of Unfaithfulness, their love for each other and for the King is challenged. They must choose whether to continue on together, not knowing if they can be warmed again by the Kindling of Affection, or visit the Valley of Cut Cords to journey alone once more.

Inspired by the timeless classic Pilgrim's Progress, Annie Wald's Walk With Me exposes the journey of marriage as the epic passage that it is and the refining process it can become. 

About the Author

Annie Wald BIAnnie Wald is a former editor-in-chief of Princeton University Press, and her fiction has been published in numerous journals including Image, The Southern Review and The North American Review.

She currently lives in Morocco, where her husband is the pastor of a multinational, multidenominational fellowship of Christian believers. She and her husband have been walking the journey together for over 34 years.