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TITW Devotional 2015-03
Today in the Word Devotional

Healing the Blind Man, Part 1

Air Date March 2, 2015


Eric Moore takes us to John 9 where Jesus heals the man born blind. He shows what Christ revealed about Himself through this powerfully miraculous work.

For more information about Moody Week 2015, please visit Maranatha's website.


SM - Eric Moore

Eric Moore

Eric Moore is professor of pastoral ministries at Moody Theological Seminary and is pastor and co-founder of Tree of Life Bible Fellowship Church in Southfield, Mich. He and his wife, Marilyn, have three children.

For more information about Eric, please  visit Moody Theological Seminary's website .


Jon Gauger

Jon Gauger
Jon Gauger has been with Moody Radio for 30 plus years working with special projects, where assignments have taken him to 35 countries. In addition to being the announcer for Dr. Paul Nyquist's weekly teaching program,  Moody Presents , Jon is heard on The  Land and the Book  and Moody Radio’s  Praise and Worship   Channel . Jon is married to Diana, and they have two grown children—both of whom are Moody graduates. An avid photographer, videographer and reader, Jon also enjoys camping and freelance voice-over work, including audiobook projects.