Acts: A Church Mighty in the Word, Part 2

Air Date September 1, 2014


We’ve started last week looking at the move of the Spirit on Pentecost and other times when the believers encountered the Holy Spirit. David gave many passages that inform our understanding of these experiences. We’ve learned how important it is to keep in mind the time of transition for the early Church and in a moment we’ll go deeper into role of the Holy Spirit. As we look further into Acts we’ll encounter the topic of the demonic. There is a lot of confusion about how we confront demons today. David will take these topics on in this lesson, so have your Bible ready as we pick up the teaching in today on Radical with David Platt.


SM David Platt

Pastor David Platt

Dr. David Platt, pastor at The Church at Brook Hills, is deeply devoted to Christ and His Word. David's first love in ministry is disciple-making — the simple, biblical model of teaching God's Word, mentoring others, and sharing faith. He has traveled extensively to teach the Bible alongside church leaders throughout the United States and around the world. He has authored several books — Radical, Radical Together, and his most recent book, Follow Me. David is the founder of Radical, a resource ministry dedicated to making disciples of all nations.


Aaron Paulus SM

Aaron Paulus

Aaron Paulus, host of Radical with David Platt, is passionate about engaging people with the gospel and encouraging believers to proclaim it. He serves as the managing director of Media & Communications for Life Action Ministries. He also helped launch and direct the OneCry Movement, a call for prayer and spiritual awakening in the church. In addition, Aaron founded and leads a creative agency that partners with gospel-centered causes around the world. Aaron and his wife, Victoria, live in southwest Michigan and are blessed with four children.