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A Letter from Greg Wheatley


Dear friend of Prime Time America:

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words to us as we conclude our final week on
Prime Time America. Knowing that you have listened and benefited from this program, whether you are a new listener or a veteran of all 28 years, is very meaningful to us! And I thank you for taking time to communicate your thoughts.

In 1982, the founding host of
Prime Time America, Jim Warren, began this nearly three decade journey. Over the years, we have had the opportunity of conversing with literally hundreds of guests, ranging from theologians to gardeners. In a way, Prime Time America has been a reflection of life—varied and sometimes surprising.

Some of you are asking about what is next in my time here at Moody Radio. I am happy to say that I will continue in my role with
Sound of Majesty ( And this fall we’ll begin airing a brand new program (so new it doesn’t yet have a name) that will feature longer conversations with a variety of thinking Christians—everything from theologians to artists to culture makers. Please be listening for more information on that new program as it will be announced later this summer.

I am grateful for the staff that has been the mainstay of
Prime Time America—executive producer Elsa Mazon, coordinating producer Sarah Abbey, engineer Peter-John Campbell, feature writers/producers Tracy Haney and Paul Butler, and administrative assistant Angela Tavernelli. Each of these friends have contributed in ways that go far beyond what you hear on the air. They are invaluable in the ongoing production of this program.

I’m happy to tell you that the
Prime Time America audio archives will remain in place for about one year. Please feel free to revisit them at your leisure by coming to

God bless you and keep listening!

Greg Wheatley
Host, Prime Time America