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    July 21, 2016

    What Does Biblical Submission Really Mean?

    If you are regular listener to the program then by now you know the motto of the show, " With Jesus at the center and the Bible as our guide, we can talk about anything." That especially applies to this program where Kurt and our callers tackle a very important but often controversial and in some cases misused guideline of scripture regarding submission between husbands and wives. Join us as we close out the week with a deep and important discussion of this vital aspect of Christian marriage. PLEASE NOTE: KURT WILL BE BE TAKING SOME WELL DESERVED TIME OFF FROM JULY 24TH-29TH, SO THERE WILL BE NO NEW PROGRAM POSTED DURING THAT WEEK. WE WILL BE RUNNING "BEST OF" PROGRAMS ON AIR DURING THAT WEEK AS WELL.

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Kurt Goff is a broadcasting veteran with a pastor's heart. He has more than 25 years of experience anchoring television news and hosting a variety of radio programs around the country. With Jesus Christ at the center and the Bible as the guide, each broadcast of Kurt Goff Live reminds listeners that they are not alone and that Christ loves them through the ups and downs of their life.Goff is a graduate of Texas Christian University. He and his wife, Liz, have two sons.

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Upbeat and encouraging, Moody Radio host Kurt Goff has a passion for connecting people to God. On Kurt Goff Live, this longtime Christian radio broadcaster brings you six hours of uplifting music, inspiring devotional insights, and faith-infused conversation with callers. Hear the heart of a pastor as Kurt engages listeners with words of hope and joy, all based on God's Word.