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A new Bible study from Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow!

Passion Pursuit

What Do You Fear?

Air Date September 1, 2014


Whether it’s a haunting memory from childhood that is seared in your mind, or just an unexplainable feeling that keeps you from moving forward—this discussion on fear and anxiety will help you understand the Lord’s love for you, and the power that He has in helping you walk through life’s darkest valleys.


Angie Smith

Angie Smith
The wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Christian contemporary music group Selah), Angie has written several books, is a popular blog and has spoken with Women of Faith. She also holds a Master's degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University. She and Todd live with their daughters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Linda Dillow

Linda Dillow
Linda Dillow is the author of the bestselling Calm My Anxious Heart, What's It Like To Be Married To Me? and co-author of Intimate Issues. As a missionary in Europe and Asia for seventeen years, she's trained Christian leaders in Russia, Hungary, Poland and Asia, teaching women and helping them launch women's ministries. Linda is a bargain hunter and can smell a sale a mile away. She and her husband, Jody, have been married since 1964 and have four children and ten grandchildren.


Juli Slattery

Juli Slattery
Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcast media professional. Her commitment to biblical principles, relatable style and quick wit have made her a highly sought after speaker to women's groups. Juli's books include Finding the Hero in Your Husband, No More Headaches and Guilt Free Motherhood. She and her husband, Mike, have been married since 1994 and have three children.