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A new Bible study from Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow!

Passion Pursuit

Understanding the "S" Word

Air Date March 28, 2015


For some women, the idea of submitting to their husband sends shivers up and down their spine. In this discussion with author Sara Horn, and newly married Chelsey Nugteren, Dr. Juli Slattery looks at the practical and biblical meanings of submission, plus how women benefit from understanding what true submission means.

2015-03-28 JWJ - Understanding the S Word


Sara Horn

Sara Horn
Sara is a military wife, speaker, mom and author of several books including God Strong: A Military Wife's Spiritual Survival Guide,   Tour of Duty: Preparing Our Hearts For Deployment , and My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife .  She is also the founder and president of Wives of Faith, a military wives ministry. Sara and her husband Cliff, a Navy reservist who has been deployed twice in the last five years, have been married for 14 years with one son; and live near Baton Rouge, LA.

Chelsey Nugteren 2

Chelsey Nugteren
Chelsey Nugteren lives in Fort Collins, CO and is a freelance writer and marketing consultant. Chelsey has a heart for women, especially those in her millennial generation who are being told marriage isn’t worth the effort. Chelsey and Steven love to travel, enjoy long road trips, and can't wait to see where God takes them next.


Juli Slattery

Juli Slattery
Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known clinical psychologist, author, speaker and broadcast media professional. Her commitment to biblical principles, relatable style and quick wit have made her a highly sought after speaker to women's groups. Juli's books include Finding the Hero in Your Husband, No More Headaches and Guilt Free Motherhood. She and her husband, Mike, have been married since 1994 and have three children.