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    April 13, 2015

    Episode 110: Spiritually Encouraging Leaders ... including the President (encore)

    Joshua DuBois tells Melinda Schmidt about his role in the White House and how he came to daily influence the President of the United States.

    Guest(s): Joshua DuBois

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Melinda Schmidt

Melinda appreciates observing how the complexities of culture and faith influence one another. Her core words are freedom, orderliness, twirling, beauty and seed-planting. She enjoys this cozy time of year the in the Midwest which includes comfort food, imbibed while she makes her way through challenging classwork for her Grad degree at Wheaton College. She lives with her husband, Dave, and their little blessing named Pippa—a long-haired Chihuahua/Min Pin—you'd love 'er!

Bring to Mind

What sense does faith make in our rapidly changing culture? Bring to Mind is a welcoming place for those who are curious and thoughtful about faith, hungry to meet people who push them to think deeply, perhaps differently and always interestingly. Meet fellow travelers who live their faith in places like universities, a restaurant workplace, on a movie set or even in their present grief. These eclectic conversations stimulate us to think beyond everyday boundaries, grow our personal worlds, and engage with those who are thinking and living their faith in a unique way. As we listen to their stories, we are invited to bring to mind Jesus' invitation to love God with all your heart, soul and mind.