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Episode 109: Courage to Doubt Our Faith

Release Date March 30, 2015


Melinda Schmidt talks with biomedical research scientist Dr. Christina M.H. Powell who says it takes courage to doubt and to trust, that asking good questions can help us clarify and refine our faith, our lives.



Thinking about Faith

from Christina M.H. Powell's blog

Christina M.H. PowellSome things become so much a part of our lives that we do not need to stop and actively think about them. When I ice skate, I no longer think about every little movement needed to maintain balance. I can safely plan next week’s schedule in my mind while gliding along.

Of course, a person first learning to skate or returning to the ice after an injury might need to concentrate fully on the activity.

If your faith has been a part of your life since childhood, stopping to think about it may feel as unnatural as a hockey player hesitating to think about each movement on the ice while chasing down the puck. Faith becomes part of the fabric of your soul, influences your friendships, and guides your decisions. Dissecting it for analysis seems strange.

However, for those times when life events have shaken your faith to its core, thinking carefully about your faith may bring healing. Read more...

Questioning Your Doubts - the book

Christina's book, Questioning Your Doubts (InterVarsity Press, 2014), is available in paperback and eBook formats.

You can also visit Christina's blog and follow her on Twitter @dr_christina.

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In This Episode

Christina M H Powell book

Dr. Christina M.H. Powell
Christina M. H. Powell, PhD, is a biomedical research scientist who conducted research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. She has been a research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital and a research associate at Boston University. She is also an ordained minister and a frequent writer and speaker on bioethics and issues of science and faith.


Melinda Schmidt

Melinda Schmidt
Melinda appreciates observing how the complexities of culture and faith influence one another. Her core words are freedom, orderliness, twirling, beauty and seed-planting. She enjoys this cozy time of year the in the Midwest which includes comfort food, imbibed while she makes her way through challenging classwork for her Grad degree at Wheaton College. She lives with her husband, Dave, and their little blessing named Pippa – a long-haired Chihuahua/Min Pin – you'd love 'er!