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Episode 51: Children and the Faith Journey (encore)

Release Date September 15, 2014


Dr. Scottie May talks with Melinda Schmidt about our propensity to teach children about God without helping them to know God.


• Book: Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey by Catherine Stonehouse and Scottie May
• Book: Spiritual Guidance of Children by Jerome W. Berryman

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In This Episode

Scottie May

Dr. Scottie May
Scottie May (Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is associate professor of Christian formation and ministry at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, and coeditor of Children Matter: Celebrating Their Place in the Church, Family, and Community. She speaks regularly on topics related to the spirituality of children.


Melinda Schmidt

Melinda Schmidt
Melinda appreciates observing how the complexities of culture and faith influence one another. Her core words are freedom, orderliness, twirling, beauty and connecting/seed-planting ideas. This time of year she enjoys quiet, backyard beauty and summer meals on the back porch with her husband, Dave, and dog Pippa, a long-haired Chihuahua/Min Pin – you'd love 'er!