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Episode 102: Life After the Fraternity

Release Date December 8, 2014


From frat boy to...missionary? Never say never! It happened to this episode's guest, Mike, and he tells Bring to Mind's Mark Breta that he never saw it coming.

More Information

To learn about the ministry that Mike works with, visit this website. You can also support his ministry by clicking here.

In This Episode


Michael holds a BS degree in biomedical engineering, but his faith journey took him in another direction. He is now in ministry, taking stories from the Bible to different countries using new technology. Mike grew up in the Chicagoland area, and enjoys sports, movies, hanging with friends and talking over a nice cup of coffee.

Mark Breta

Mark Breta
Mark is a singer, pianist, worship leader and radio producer and announcer. His hobbies include concert-going, cooking, comedy and watching football. He spoils his nieces and nephews. He dreams of homes in places like New York and London, but is proud to live in the city of Chicago. Follow Mark at his website.


Melinda Schmidt

Melinda Schmidt
Melinda appreciates observing how the complexities of culture and faith influence one another. Her core words are freedom, orderliness, twirling, beauty and seed-planting. She enjoys this cozy time of year the in the Midwest which includes comfort food, imbibed while she makes her way through challenging classwork for her Grad degree at Wheaton College. She lives with her husband, Dave, and their little blessing named Pippa – a long-haired Chihuahua/Min Pin – you'd love 'er!