2012 Past Programs

August 2012
August 27, 2012

Hour 1 – Mark Hitchcock, End Times

The end of the world is a subject of much debate and many questions. When will it happen? How will it happen? Mark Hitchcock, author of The End, takes this complex subject, looks to the scripture, and explains the answers in ways we can all understand.

Hour 2 – Lee Strobel, Evidence for faith

We don’t have to check our brains at the door to follow Jesus. Former avowed atheist, Lee Strobel joins us to share credible evidence for our faith and he’ll give straight answers to the “make or break” questions of Christianity.  Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Lee Strobel

Featured: Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Lee Strobel
Host: Janet Parshall

August 14, 2012

Hour 1 – Different by Design

The impact of feminism has led to increasing confusion about the roles of men and women the workplace, the church and in our homes. Carrie Sandom, author of Different by Design presents a timely call to a scriptural view of our roles. Did God plan for us to be “equal but different”? How can we find freedom in our differences and be all we were designed to be?

Hour 2 – Sell Your Home Now

Are you in the market for a new home? Is it time to sell your current house or should you wait? Laura Riddle, real estate broker and author of Sell Your Home Now, The Complete Guide to Overcoming Common Home Selling Mistakes, Selling Faster, and Making More Money will answer your questions. She also brings a warning of five pitfalls to avoid in life as well as in the real estate market!  Carrie Sandom, Laura Riddle

Featured: Carrie Sandom, Laura Riddle
Host: Janet Parshall