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August 9 — LATB
Live Event in Chicago

When: August 9, 10am - 12pm
Where: West Suburban 
Community Church in Elmhurst
825 N. Van Auken, Elmhurst
Special Guest:
Roy Schwarcz

We will have special prizes and a Q&A time when audience members can ask their questions. Space is limited so call the 1-800-965-9324 to reserve your place at this unique Chicagoland event!


Upcoming Programs

August 2014
The Land and the Book
August 2, 2014

From Egypt…to Israel…to Syria…to Iraq. The news out of the Middle East seems so depressing. We’re left with the impression that the entire region is locked in an endless cycle of violence. Is there any hope for the Middle East? The answer is a resounding yes! This week’s guest is Tom Doyle from e3 Partners, and he’ll help us gain a realistic perspective on what’s going on in that strategic part of the world…including what God is doing!

Then in our devotional time I’m starting a new eight-part series I’m calling Great Confessions of the Bible. This week we’ll journey to the city of Shechem to hear Joshua’s great call to commitment in Joshua 24.

Featured: Tom Doyle
Hosts: Dr. Charlie Dyer and Jon Gauger

The Land and the Book
August 9, 2014

When you think of the current situation in Israel, what words come to mind? War? Hatred? Conflict? Anger? How about peace…forgiveness…or good news? Those aren’t the words we hear on the news, but they do describe the ministry of this week’s guest, Pastor Steven Khoury. We’ll talk with Steven about his ministry in the heart of Arab East Jerusalem.

Later in the program we’ll continue our eight-part series on Great Confessions of the Bible by traveling to Gilgal to hear Samuel’s great promise to pray faithfully for the people of Israel.

Featured: Pastor Steven Khoury
Hosts: Dr. Charlie Dyer and Jon Gauger

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