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September 2014
Your First Job // Bringing Your Faith to Work
September 1, 2014

For Labor Day on Chris Fabry Live!, it’s a "Best of" broadcast featuring calls about your first job. How did flipping burgers, delivering papers or bagging groceries prepare you for what you’re doing today? Then, faith and work. Is what you do from 9-5 just about paying the bills so you can do ministry on the weekend? Or is there more to what you do to provide for your family? Don’t miss the Labor Day conversations.

Featured: David Gill, Sajan Mathews
Host: Chris Fabry

Eight Twenty-Eight // One More Try
September 2, 2014

It’s a love story that has captured the nation. Ian and Larissa met in college and fell in love. They talked about marriage but a devastating accident changed everything. Or did it? Tuesday on Chris Fabry Live!, hear Ian and Larissa’s story. Then, we welcome back Mr. Five Love Languages himself, author, pastor and counselor Dr. Gary Chapman. Don’t miss the encouragement on Tuesday.

Featured: Larissa Murphy, Gary Chapman
Host: Chris Fabry

How Everyday Decisions Shape Your Life
September 3, 2014

Every day you make yes or no decisions. Sometimes they seem easy, but other times that decision may paralyze you—either from fear of making the wrong choice or because of too many seemingly equal options. Social entrepreneur Jeff Shinabarger helps us discover opportunities to become decision makers and see how your everyday decisions will forever shape your life.

Featured: Jeff Shinabarger
Host: Chris Fabry

The Barefoot Tribe // Growing Up Social
September 4, 2014

Are you living a "safe" life? Pastor Palmer Chinchen challenges us to break past the safe confines of our homes and church buildings to take action, take risks and remake the world into one more like what Jesus had in mind. Then, kids today seem more glued to a screen than engaged with people. Arlene Pellicane shares skills to help you give youngsters a relational edge in a screen-driven world.

Featured: Palmer Chinchen, Arlene Pellicane
Host: Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry Live!
September 5, 2014

Chris Fabry Live! is a dangerous program. At least that’s what we try to be. We are interested in tackling topics that people are struggling with in the pews. Not subjects that are necessarily safe, but ones you are facing in your everyday life. Some are lighter and make you smile, some might hit you hard in the soul. From emails and calls we get, we know there are exposed nerves—if that’s you, join us for another encouraging discussion on the next Chris Fabry Live!

Host: Chris Fabry