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7 Men
7 Men

Upcoming Programs

April 2014
Sexual Assault Awareness & The Resurrection
April 21, 2014

How do you handle the really difficult things you’ve experienced in life? April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we want you to hear two stories from Amy Sorrells. One is a novel she’s written. The other is the life she’s led. Then, share something meaningful that happened over the weekend. How did God touch your heart regarding the Resurrection? Don’t miss Monday’s Chris Fabry Live!

Featured: Amy K. Sorrells
Host: Chris Fabry

Broke // Extraordinary Grace
April 22, 2014

What can you learn about God during times of desperation? Caryn Rivadeneira and her family were caught in a horrible swirl of depressed housing markets, of sagging businesses, of long periods of underemployment and then unemployment, of debt from uncovered medical expenses. Hear what she learned in this financial and spiritual desert. Then, God's love can meet your deepest need. Learn more about His grace when we talk with Dr. Gary Chapman.

Featured: Caryn Rivadeneira, Gary Chapman
Host: Chris Fabry

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