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Upcoming Programs

December 2014
Christmas Music from the Studio // The Women of Christmas
December 22, 2014

We have a special musical program for you. Several of our guests who visited us this year also gave us some Christmas music to enjoy and get us in the holiday spirit. Hear special performances from Selah, Aaron Shust, Lindsay McCaul and Andrew Greer and Cindy Morgan. Then, hear a rebroadcast of a conversation with author Liz Curtis Higgs about the women of Christmas: Mary, Elizabeth and Anna.

Featured: Selah, Aaron Shust, Lindsay McCaul, Andrew Greer, Cindy Morgan, Liz Curtis Higgs
Host: Chris Fabry

Lessons from Christmas Animation // Toxic-Free Tips: Holiday Treats
December 23, 2014

Mike Nawrocki talks about the Veggie Tales' DVD The Little Drummer Boy. And we talk with you about the power of animated Christmas specials, like the Little Drummer Boy, Charlie Brown and Rudolph, and hear what life lessons you learned from these characters. Then, we bring you a Toxic Talk Tuesday rebroadcast from last year. Andrea Fabry is bringing chocolate and a recipe. If you’re craving some holiday treats but feeling guilty about your love for chocolate, she has some non-toxic treat suggestions for you.

Featured: Mike Nawrocki, Andrea Fabry
Host: Chris Fabry

Bible Q & A // Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life
December 24, 2014

We bring you an encore presentation of the two Michaels. If you have Christmas questions, you won't want to miss our conversation from last year. Then, in a rebroadcast from last year, we head back to Bedford Falls for some lessons learned from It’s A Wonderful Life. Bob Welch discusses some of the timeless truths of the classic film.

Featured: Michael Rydelnik, Michael Vanlaningham, Bob Welch
Host: Chris Fabry

December Peace // Christmas Questions
December 25, 2014

We take some time to enjoy some December Peace with Stanton Lanier on this Christmas Day. Christmas music and memories coalesce to usher us into the real reason we celebrate. Then, Chris has some Christmas questions that will be the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Featured: Stanton Lanier
Host: Chris Fabry