Future Program Summary

March 2015
What's Right With Me?
March 2, 2015

We are so quick to ask the question, “What’s wrong with me?” On this Midday Connection we want to reframe that and ask “What’s right with me?” And we’ll be joined by health and fitness expert Danna Demetre to help us move toward good physical health, as well as Becky Harling, who will help us with our emotional health and teach us how to rewrite our emotional script.

Featured Guests: Danna Demetre, Becky Harling
Hosts: Anita and Melinda

Emotionally Healthy Church
March 3, 2015

Peter Scazzero says our churches are in trouble, and on this Midday Connection, we’ll continue a discussion of his groundbreaking book, The Emotionally Healthy Church. We’ll look at what it takes to lead people to wholeness and maturity in Christ, while addressing some of the reasons our growth becomes stunted, keeping us from becoming true disciples of Christ.

Panel: Anita Lustrea, Caryn Rivadeneira, Judy Sandiford

March 4, 2015

It’s the Motherload on Midday Connection. A program where we connect with Moms about all kinds of things. On this program we’ll look at how young moms can connect better with God, and we’ll look at why moms sometimes become someone other than who God made them to be.

Hosts: Melinda Schmidt, Caryn Rivadeneira

Decision Making
March 5, 2015

John Ortberg joins us on this Midday Connection to talk about decision making. How do we know if we're making the right decisions?

Featured Guest: John Ortberg
Host: Anita Lustrea

Millrose Club
March 6, 2015

Friends are invaluable in life. Whether your life is smooth sailing right now, or you’re in the midst of crisis, we need friends. It’s the Millrose Club on Midday Connection, and it’s an opportunity to discuss and think out loud. To sometimes disagree, but always to get to know each other just a little bit better.

Millrose Club: Lori Neff, Caryn Rivadeneira, Lebo Pooe, Adelina Ghilea

Wasting Time With God, Part 4
March 9, 2015

When it comes to developing a deep, trusting relationship with God, efficiency and productivity are not the answer. And on this  Midday Connection , Klaus Issler joins us again to talk about how to "waste" time with God. We need to just enjoy being with Him. After all, that's how any friendship grows.

Featured Guest: Klaus Issler
Host: Melinda Schmidt

WePick Book Club: Tennant of Wildfell Hall
March 10, 2015

It’s the WePick book club on Midday Connection with Dr. Rosalie de Rosset as our guide. With her expertise as a professor of Literature and Communication at Moody Bible Institutute, you are guaranteed an interesting and helpful discussion. We’ll be discussing The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte.

Featured Guest: Dr. Rosalie de Rosset
Hosts: Anita Lustrea