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On Law Talk Live, David Gibbs engages listeners in a lively discussion of cutting-edge legal issues and controversies. Additionally, he is passionate about Constitutional liberty and how this critical document, founded in Christian principles, influences every American’s daily life. In this one-hour, live legal program, he takes complex legal issues and makes them understandable and interesting for the layperson. Tune in to Law Talk Live and join in the lively discussion!

Law Talk Live airs every Saturday at 11 a.m. Central Time.


David Gibbs

David C. Gibbs III engages America in a lively discussion of cutting-edge legal issues and controversies. A gifted and dynamic speaker and litigator, Attorney Gibbs is a graduate of Duke University Law School. In his legal career, he has represented Americans across the country in issues of life and liberty. Serving as president of the National Center for Life and Liberty and general counsel at Gibbs Law Firm, P.A, Mr. Gibbs has the privilege of serving real people with real problems.

The National Center for Life and Liberty serves Christians who are facing legal challenges for exercising their faith. NCLL serves pastors and churches with their legal issues through the Center for Church Liberty. The Center for Christian Education assists Christian schools and administrators. The Center to Advance the USA acts to promote conservative policies in our nation so we can see God blessing America. Homeschooling families are able to teach their children with confidence and peace of mind through the Center for Homeschool Liberty.

As the attorney who represented the Terri Schiavo family in the tragic case to save her life, Attorney Gibbs and his staff are available to counsel and assist families who face troubling issues concerning life itself through the Center for Life Defense.

As a tireless advocate for life and liberty, Attorney Gibbs encourages us all with his motto: "If it's wrong, fight it. If it's right, fight for it!"

You can learn more about the National Center for Life and Liberty at their website.

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