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The First Thanksgiving 
The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving // Giving Thanks with Elsie

Air Date November 28, 2013


Hour 1 - The First Thanksgiving

The chair of the history department at Wheaton College, Dr. Tracy McKenzie, tells us the real story of that First Thanksgiving. What are the things we’ve romanticized about the day? How did we get from the pilgrims to our current feast? And what are the Christian or religious implications of the day? Learn about the First Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving.

Hour 2 - Giving Thanks with Elsie

On Thanksgiving Day we welcome back to the Radio Backyard Fence, the one, the only, Elsie Young. Elsie turned 101 in September and we talk about giving thanks in the good times and bad times. She has one of her patented readings she’ll do for us. We talk about Thanksgivings gone by and a lot more. If you can’t go over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, listen to Elsie on Thursday.


Tracy McKenzie

Tracy McKenzie

Dr. R. Tracy McKenzie is professor and chair of the Department of History at Wheaton College. Before coming to Wheaton in 2010, Tracy served for 22 years on the faculty of the University of Washington, where he received the university's distinguished teaching award, was a member of the U.W. Teaching Academy, and held the Donald A. Logan Chair of American History. Along with dozens of scholarly articles and book reviews, he is the author of two books pertaining to the American Civil War (published by Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press) and a book from Intervarsity Press on the history of the "First Thanksgiving" called The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us about Loving God and Learning from History. Tracy is married to his best friend of twenty-seven years, Robyn. He and Robyn have three children: Callie, Margaret and Robert.

For more information about Tracy, please visit his website.

Elsie K. Young

Elsie Young

Elsie K. Young attended Moody Bible Institute from 1935-1938. She turned 101 years old on September 21, 2013, and lives near Phoenix, Ariz.

For more information about Elsie, please visit her website.


Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry is the host of Chris Fabry Live!, two hours of spiritual encouragement from his backyard radio fence. The program challenges listeners to think biblically about their spiritual journeys. Chris is also the author of the Christy Award-winning novel Dogwood, June Bug, ECPA Christian Book Award-winner (Fiction) Almost Heaven, Not in the Heart and Borders of the Heart. He and his family live near Tucson, Ariz. To find out more, please visit Chris' website.