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Is the Church Faring as Poorly as Studies Say?

Air Date October 19, 2013


Studies say young people are leaving the church in droves - and the number of those professing no faith at all is burgeoning!  Do these studies tell the whole truth? Dr. Bradley Wright, author of Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites and other Lies You've Been Told, says no! Dr. Wright joins Julie Roys this Saturday on Up For Debate - along with Dr. Clyde Wilcox, a professor at Georgetown University. Listen and join the discussion, this Saturday at 8 AM Central Time on Up for Debate!


Bradley R.E. Wright

Dr. Bradley Wright

Brad Wright is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut where he studies American Christianity. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, where he was trained in social psychology and criminology. He has authored twenty scholarly articles and two books: Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites... and Other Lies You've Been Told (2010), and Upside: Surprising Good News about the State of Our World  (2011). Hypocrites won the Christianity Today Book of the Year Award for Christianity and Culture.

He lives in Storrs, Connecticut with his wife, sons and a very small dog. He enjoys bicycle riding and nature photography.

Find out more about Bradley Wright on his website.

Clyde Wilcox

Dr. Clyde Wilcox

Professor Wilcox is a professor in the Government Department at Georgetown, where he has taught for 20 years. He writes on a number of topics in American and Comparative politics, including religion and politics, gender politics, public opinion and electoral behavior, campaign finance and science fiction and politics.

He has authored, coauthored, edited or co-edited more than 30 books.

Professor Wilcox meets with many international visitor groups and has lectured in a number of countries. In the past three years, he has lectured in Kenya, France, Russia, Turkey, China, Jordan, Spain, Japan, Canada, England and Poland.

Learn more about Wilcox's research and teaching.


Roys, Julie (SM)

Julie Roys

Julie Roys has become a trusted voice of biblical wisdom on Moody Radio, earning an audience through her weekly commentaries and appearances on The Morning Ride. Julie came to Moody Radio in 2007, after taking a 13-year hiatus from broadcasting to raise her children and serve in youth ministry. Prior to that, Julie worked as a TV news reporter for a CBS affiliate in Indiana and as a newswriter for WGN-TV and Fox News in Chicago.

Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Wheaton College and a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University. Julie and her husband, Neal, live in the Chicago suburbs and have three children.