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Open Phones

Air Date September 6, 2013


Hour 1 – Weekly News Analysis

It’s been a week of encouragement as Ruth Graham helped us face uncertain times by clinging to our Heavenly Father and Elisa Morgan reminded us that He brings beauty out of our broken times. We remembered 9/11 with a pilot whose life was forever changed that day and learned some powerful parenting tips from Dr. Kevin Leman! Today it’s just you and Janet discussing the headlines of the week on Open Phones Friday!

Hour 2 – Talking Over the Times

This week we have discussed the problem of evil and learned to face our fears, knowing Jesus never fails. We heard captivating stories of some favorite songs and found a fresh perspective for ordinary days! Today the conversation turns to the news of the week. Pick up your Bible and newspaper and prepare for more thought-provoking dialogue! 


Jeff Mateer

Jeff Mateer

Jeff Mateer, Esq., is General Counsel of Liberty Institute. Mr. Mateer joined Liberty Institute in 2010, after 19 years in private litigation practice. He now oversees and directs Liberty Institute’s legal team. He specializes in religious liberty matters, including free exercise, and free speech.

For more information, visit Liberty Institute.


Janet Parshall 2

Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall has been the recipient of the National Religious Broadcasters on-air radio personality award in 2008 and 2011. In 1998, she was elected to the board of directors and the executive committee of the National Religious Broadcasters. She has authored several books, including her latest, Buyer Beware: Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas. Parshall and her husband, Craig, live in Virginia, and have four children and six grandchildren.