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Is Infant Baptism Valid?

Air Date May 18, 2013


Some churches baptize infants. Others believe baptism is an expression of faith, which no infant could possibly have. This Saturday on Up For Debate, Julie Roys explores the validity of infant baptism with guests on both sides of the issue. Joining her will be Gregg Strawbridge who is a proponent of infant baptism—and Larry Dyer who is a skeptic of it. You can join the discussion too, this Saturday at 8 a.m. on Up For Debate!


Gregg Strawbridge
Gregg Strawbridge serves as the pastor of All Saint's Church: A Reformational & Covenantal Congregation, Lancaster, Pa., and is a permanent member of the board of governors of Veritas Academy. He is the founder and creative director of Gregg is also author of the book The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism.

Larry Dyer
Larry E. Dyer has been a pastor for over twenty years. He served in Wisconsin and Illinois before becoming senior pastor at Chapel of the Lake in St. Louis, Mo. He has taught extension courses through Brookes Bible Institute in St. Louis and Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Mo. Larry is also author of the book Baptism: The Believer's First Obedience.


Roys, Julie (SM)

Julie Roys

Julie Roys has become a trusted voice of biblical wisdom on Moody Radio, earning an audience through her weekly commentaries and appearances on The Morning Ride. Julie came to Moody Radio in 2007, after taking a 13-year hiatus from broadcasting to raise her children and serve in youth ministry. Prior to that, Julie worked as a TV news reporter for a CBS affiliate in Indiana and as a newswriter for WGN-TV and Fox News in Chicago.

Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Wheaton College and a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University. Julie and her husband, Neal, live in the Chicago suburbs and have three children.

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