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Same-Sex Marriage: Considering all the issues

Air Date May 4, 2013


Same-sex marriage, if endorsed, will affect many areas of life. If it remains a state-by-state decision, how do states deal with a same-sex couple moving in from another state?

The legal issues are many. How will same-sex marriage work within the confines of family law and adoption law? States will have their hands full scrambling to accommodate this seismic shift.

Not to mention the religious and moral issues. What will happen to the religious liberty of those who disagree with same-sex marriage? What will happen if a person wishes to leave the homosexual lifestyle—what will be the legal implications for their family?

Like any sweeping legal or moral change, there is much here to consider. Attorney David Gibbs will ask and answer the questions you have wondered about on this week’s Law Talk Live.


David Gibbs

David C. Gibbs III
David C. Gibbs III engages America in a lively discussion of cutting-edge legal issues and controversies. A gifted and dynamic speaker and litigator, Attorney Gibbs is a graduate of Duke University Law School. In his legal career, he has represented Americans across the country in issues of life and liberty. Serving as president of the National Center for Life and Liberty and general counsel at Gibbs Law Firm, P.A. and Center for Homeschool Liberty, Mr. Gibbs has had the privilege to serve real people with real problems.

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